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Starseed Activation 2 Hara Alignment

Starseed Mission

Because their task is the most
difficult one to perform in a very
dense dimension such as ours,

starseeds were hand-picked
from our galaxy and beyond.

Few beings would volunteer to do
such work at the risk of forgetting
who they are and losing their
connection with their divine Higher Selves.

Although starseeds make up
a very small percentage of Earth's population,
their mission is great and varied.

Primarily, they must go through this physical life and attempt to remember who they are.

When they make that connection,
they are drawn to go through a transformational process
to become whole, centered
and connected with their Higher Selves.

Once starseeds realize who they are, they can begin to help enlightened Earth souls to anchor light to Mother Earth.

Starseeds are also here in this Divine Intervention from higher dimensions down to our physical world.

This planet cannot survive without
the Divine Intervention decreed
by our Creator.

Starseeds provide the missing link
in closing the loop between the
Galactic Federation and
the Spiritual Hierarchies,
the Elohim and the Time Lords
who work in concert to help our planet.

Starseeds are awakened and ready
to anchor light, perform rituals,
meditate and focus energetically
upon situations that need to be
changed for the good of all.
Bil ei Masri

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