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Sacred Alliance August 5th 2009 Full Moon Eclipse

Sacred Alliance August 5th 2009 Full Moon Eclipse
GoldRing Game of Enlightenment and Abundance:

In the moment when Love crosses the stream and connects with the higher vibration IAM found in breathless joy for that moment is the fulfillment. The HeartLight opens the portal of timelssness where all memories become hollow replicas of the present. The voice that speaks from the heart knows feeling beyond measure. Words given to the mind bring to form the enjoyment filled with the content of bliss. The HeartLight shines only from the center of your being. When it shines you will feel the drop into perfect alignment with the core of your being, your point of conception and expand into the far reaches of the universe.

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Comment by Besimi on August 6, 2009 at 12:48am
Nice video Kigre :):):) Great Words and Great Music too.
.........................much love to you.Namaste.
Comment by KigreTheViking on August 5, 2009 at 11:51pm
Anyone else "felt" this?
I did, my thoughts and feelings are clean.

You know how to deliver. (rysa5)

It is so peculiar... i see this video now. And yesterday was such a day.

I have never felt more alive then i have the last few days. Realizing the air again in a new way..., touch, friendship, love, laughter... acceptance... forgiveness... Oneness. Everything in my life, has led me to what i now aspire to do. No more confusion, anger, fear. Only understanding again what i allready knew. And what im here to do.
"Question everything, fear nothing but ignorance."

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