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Rev Kevin Annett: Public Declaration to the Vatican & The Republic of Kanata (Canada)

VIDEO: Rev. Kevin Annett - Public Declaration to the Vatican/The Republic of Kanata (Canada) In this video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rev. Kevin...

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Comment by CHRISTINA on April 29, 2013 at 2:50pm
Comment by Trudy on July 2, 2012 at 6:29am
Comment by CHRISTINA on June 12, 2012 at 12:16pm up-to-date news in Rome from the former Butler, the fired Vatican Banker and other witnesses coming to the forefront as they see there is safety in numbers and the time to speak is Now…

The Vatican unveiled is another Truth coming to the surface. It was prophesied that this would happen & now it is happening. Even the most untouchable are now touched by the Light & Truth which has been hidden in deep abyss.

This Truth is not the only one, there will be more…much more, thus my / our task is not to point our finger, but to help transmute and transform this ugliness Into Light.

Turning our back and pretending it did not happen would be as fake as all illusion is upon our planet. Thus we’re here. Our task is Love, not hate, not judgment...

Always remember, send Light, send Love, not to the Act that has been done, not to the Mask those persons are wearing; but send Love to their True Self that separated in such awful measure from basic Humanity, God, Source or whatever you call your Higher Knowingness… send Love to those on the forefront that are doing their best to bring all this to the Light and to serve the Law of Justice with Mercy…

Send Love to all Humanity so that Humanity is supported while finding out what’s going on right Now and what has happened so far…

Send Love so that Humanity will feel the Support of Light and Love carrying us though what will be traumatized shock, mourning and profound grieving at the loss of our innocent children in calloused betrayal.

Humanity needs Us Now. Humanity needs Light and Love right Now.

So many had no clue (though many did not want to have a clue) of the Truth… but we’re Here Right Now, to help.

Send Love to the families affected, Send Love to the victims…

Fear and Rage… that was the old way. We are done with that illusion and its ugly perpetuated poison.

Let’s show how Powerful True Love Is to Heal even the Deepest Wounds.

Let’s show that Love is what will bring the True Shift for All upon the Earth to our Golden Age.

Comment by CHRISTINA on June 12, 2012 at 12:16pm

Video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Rev. Kevin Annett, Acting Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State - discusses a public declaration to Pope Ratizinger and the Vatican stating that unless specific actions are taken by the Pope and the Vatican by September 15, 2012, "every known Roman Catholic priest or official who has harmed a child or protected those who have will be publicly named by our network, and will be publicly arrested and expelled from their churches."

The Declaration continues, "This decision is made under the common law right of citizenship arrest of those who endanger children when established authorities refuse to protect the community.

Such direct action to protect our children will be accompanied by ongoing occupations and seizures of Roman Catholic Church property commencing globally on September 15, 2012.

These measures are being taken because of the refusal by you and your church hierarchy to do justice to your victims and abide by the law and morality; and specifically, because of your refusal to agree to these ten measures, issued to you on May 4, 2012 by our Tribunal:

1. Issue full reparations to survivors 2. Surrender the remains of those who died for a proper burial. 3. Return all land and wealth taken from church victims 4. Surrender all evidence and perpetrators of crimes against children 5. Annul Crimen Sollicitationis and all Vatican policies that protect child rapists 6. Expel and defrock all child raping priests and those who protect them, including the pope 7. Agree to the licensing of all clergy as public servants 8. Withdraw from all tax exemptions, concordats and privileges 9. Annul the status of the Vatican as a state and abolish Rome's authority over its congregations 10. Redistribute the wealth of the Vatican Bank to church victims and the community, as Christ commands

Update on Genocide of First Nation Children at Brandford, Ontario Rev. Annett also provides and update on the continuing search and discovery of evidence of child genocide at the residential school at Brandford, Ontario, where an infiltration and disruption effort by the Government of Canada was successfully deconstructed and defeated.

The Republic of Kanata (Canada) The separation and disaffiliation of Canada from the UK Monarchy is necessary, states Rev. Annett, because of the leading role that UK Monarchs, including Elizabeth Windsor, have taken in implementing the aboriginal genocide and in retarding true democracy in Canada. He cited polls that showed that 68% of Canadians were in favor of establishing a republic of Canada. Rev. Annett discusses the practical steps that are now undertaken to establish a Republic of Kanata (Canada), including upcoming public meetings in Vancouver, BC and other locations in Canada. Information:


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