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Removing Negative Energy From Your Aura Part I - Energy Healing Energy Clearing - Energy Cleansing.

How Balanced and Clear
are Your Energies NOW?

Are You Clearing Shifting
At A Core Level?

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Comment by Claude on October 31, 2010 at 11:34pm
Creating in Life..On this Platform..Called Mother Earth..

The key is not in acting out resistance to the current apparent situation,
circumstance and apparent events, but in focusing on the desired outcome.
The act of holding the desired outcome within the emotions of desire and idea
of the outcome is the application of the Principle of Allowance.

This is the most difficult of all of the Principles to apply,
for the events that are happening will still reflect the expression of the established process
until the focus of the desired outcome is beginning to influence the total picture.

Thus it is important to find positive attributes in the current experience to appreciate
and honor even as a new paradigm of experience is desired.

This is the paradox that is found through out creation. In order to have what is new,
it is necessary to honor aspects of what is present as a stepping stone on
which to stand before creating a new stepping stone to continue the progress.

To honor something does not make it necessary to carry it on into the next phase.
Again it is necessary to point out that the grateful heart reflects a feeling aspect that resonates
with the Principle of Attraction that brings into experience more for which to be grateful.
It is the way it works.


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