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Great insides ,to help us awake.

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Comment by Besimi on April 16, 2010 at 10:23pm
An amazing video indeed !!! . It's something that really makes sense to me, here.
- Few times ,I remember I caught Myself Asleep. I completely new that I'm sleeping,cause happen to see that certain dream-place,that I saw few times before on my dreams,when I thought to be real,and realized was dream after I woke up on the morning, this time I just new that I'm asleep ,when this place appeared to me again. I told my friends and family,who apeared on my dreem,that all this is just a dream, ..cause I know I've been here before , (but imagine they didn't believe me either,even on the dream :) ).
....and I new that my body is lying down on my bed ,and this was true, ..all confirmed when I woke up later.
:):):) I was amazed. And I said,It certainly exist another awakening, out of this Dream Reality we call it real.

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