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REALIST NEWS - Lindsey Williams was right and what's coming in our near future 2011 - 2012

This video needs to go viral. I'm begging you as one human being to another that will be affected by this if we don't do something we're in deep trouble soon. Please help me make that happen. I've compiled a bunch of Lindsey Williams interviews that proves the dates and times as well as the predictions he made in advance of things taking place. Things that everyone said would never happen. This video will put the skeptics to rest as it deals with nothing but factual and easily verifiable information. What our near future holds for us is worse than terrible and If you want a decent planet/country to raise your children in YOU'D BETTER GET HIS LATEST INFORMATION OUT which is also in this video. I have it all in this video. Yes, I know, it's an hour and 20 minutes long. SO WHAT!! Watch the video and pass it along, email it, etc to everyone you know. I don't care if they told you to stop sending them "crap" in email that they don't believe in. SEND THIS TO THEM. Get this video pinned on every major website or web forum you can find. Please. Time is short and our world is about to change for the worst and only powerful information can change the tide for us "little people" as BP likes to call us. Remember "the truth shall set you free". I cannot do this alone and we are about out of time unless the masses wake up urgently.

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It is ok to mirror it and repost this video. Also, Lindsey Williams hs said over and over again that any of his DVDs, videos, interviews, etc are all free for people to get, show, and repost, etc. There are no copyright violations by me creating this video.

One final statement. If for some reason this becomes the first time ever that Lindsey William's recent (2/23/2011) predictions do not happen as planned, then this means the elite/powers that be have lost control which would be a very good thing for the rest of us. The fact that they caused the middle east uprisings tells me that they have absolute control and power still and I doubt that Lindsey will be wrong for the first time ever.

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Comment by ian on February 27, 2011 at 2:21am
Very good information.  I am just wondering if this drama really matters if the planet is going to undergo some planetary changes.

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