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Our Journey and the Grand Deception by George Kavassilas

• Who are we , where do we come from and where are we headed?
• What is 2012 and ascension all about?
• What does the activation of the planetary light body in 2013 represent?
• Could it possibly mean that this planet is going to become a star?
• What role does the Divine Feminine play in all of this?
• Could she possibly be the true forgotten hero?
• The grand deception, what is it?
• Who and what is the galactic federation of light?
• The harmonic synchronization of our DNA into the precessional cycle
• Understanding life beyond ascension
Big questions I know but the answers aren't as inconceivable as you may think.

My name is George Kavassilas and I have had an incredible range of experiences
including travelling up through the dimensions of our Universe in 2003 and rediscovering what life here on this planet is all about.
It is more significant than you are led to believe. You are far more significant and magnificent in the greater scheme of things than you can possibly imagine.
I wish to share with you my knowledge and wisdom which I have gained over a lifetime of extraordinary experiences, including meeting and interacting with many different ET races both benevolent and malevolent.
I also have a comprehensive understanding of the ascension process, including the harmonics and timing of the two main phases of our DNA's transformation into Homo Illuminous or Hu-Man.

With love, liberation and fortitude
George Kavassilas

For more information please visit my website

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