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Orgone Experiences & Observations & Working with Orgonite

describes various stones, and coils and cleansing/charging crystals and their properties when working with orgonite.

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Comment by Vaddix on June 1, 2010 at 12:09am
I guess the reason i havnt really kicked off with this yet is cause im kinda skeptical about wether they work, and what their effects are. As i said i have had one sitting next to my head for almost four months, and havnt really seen a change. I will continue continue until i get a result though. Yeah just supplies have been hard to find. Thanks for the link.

I know it may be kinda silly cause gold is so valuable, But it is and Excellent conductor. does anyone know of any fiber glass resin or something similar made from natural oils? i would much prefer building orgonite knowing that the process isn't hurting the environment.
Comment by Greg on May 27, 2010 at 6:50pm
i noticed an immediate effect with the first batch i made but i also think i was being targeted by energy weapons, not to mention have tons of celltowers and a crapload of DOR around my area... Remember you can't just place orgonite in one part of your house.. you have to create like a little field around your house and place them near devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies/radiation.. i put tb's and hhg's in a little grid around the outside of my house and have plenty around inside. as for having trouble finding supplies, i too had this issue.. i had found shavings locally for free but they were from a machine shop and had like some bits of grease and oil to them so they werent really good to wotk with.. fortunately there are stores on the web for orgonite building materials only.. like this one:

For making various shapes you just have to find good molds.. i've used margarita/martini glasses... party hats (tape the seams well).. Haven't found any pyramid molds yet. Recently i got this pan for huge muffins and i've been making big tb's out of it.
Comment by Vaddix on May 27, 2010 at 6:42pm
@Greg and others on this website. Ive made some orgonite myself. Dont know if im gettin any positive effect form the few pieces sitting around my bed. However materials have been hard to come buy. I can find metal shavings ANYWHERE. its like you cant buy them you have to make your own. I make minimum wage. I cant be forking out money for tools to make the shavings.Where can i get my hands on them?

Another question. Where can i get large quantities of these stones. Ive been buying mine from earthbound, in the mall, they sell packs of five tiny quarts crystals. Also What can i use as a base. Im not really interested in making tower busters, cause i already know those are easy to build once you have the materials. Im looking for shapes to mold the pyramid ones or the cones and pendants.

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