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Oneism - COSMIC TREE OF LIFE... Is this God? Hidden Records - Lost symbol Wayne Herschel oneness

Author of The Hidden Records and Solomon Key cipher code lost symbol breakthrough, Wayne Herschel confirms the source of his human origins theory and it is not of this Earth! In an out of body experience he believes he has literally seen the Cosmic Tree of Life and what can only be explained as the place of God!

He presents the source of all his evidence not only for his book's Hidden Records Solomon Key theory that humanity originated from celestial visitors from the stars, but for proof of his experience with The Creation... the nucleus at the centre of the universe, the cosmic Tree of Life. He has spent the last 20 years finding all the hidden records proving his life-altering experience.

Apart from showing that all religions carry separate pieces of one big puzzle, his experience also shows what humanity is doing drastically wrong, and that we will soon face something very catastrophic we do not change our ways urgently. See the full story on the Cosmic Tree of Life and the UFO visitation evidence and the oneness of Oneism at...

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Comment by Maitaki on April 9, 2010 at 3:39pm
All these symbols are connected as we are.
We are ONE.
Love&Blessings to you...Patricia & Besimi :):):)

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