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The people of Earth are tired of being lied to, truth must be told. NASA is known by the few as it truly is, NASA Stands for "Never A Straight Answer". It's simply the cover for America's Secret Space Program that has been active for many years now. Not only do they know about the fact we are not alone in the Universe, but have logged 57 known Alien races visiting planet Earth. They also have trade agreements with many, trading for knowledge and technology for War weapons or worse. The quest arises, what are they offering for trade in return to these beings? Many Governments of the world also know one of the biggest secrets kept from the public, Nibiru. The coming pole shift caused by her passing will kill many people, the question is why would they not tell the populations in advance to get ready & survive. They simply only wish to save themselves and anyone they feel is worth saving. Everyone else to them is nothing, worthless. Please, do yourself a favor if you seek true answers. Go to the links shown in the video that are pasted URL's here, See for yourself that Nibiru is out there. They know, now so can you:

NOTE: Make sure to view Nemesis also using infra red option of google sky:


The truth is waiting!

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