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Nazi Zionist Alliance (NA+ZI) to Create Israel Through Holocaust

Eustace [RIP] gives a history lesson you wont forget. WWII was a stage production. Adolf Hitler (a bastard Rothschild!) was financed by Zionist companies, also to convince non-Zionist Jews to leave Europe for the Palestinian desert. In essence if there wasn't a holocaust ,there would not be an israel today!

Note: Zionists are not the Jewish People, but a group using Zionism as a shield. The fascade is to make you blame the Jews.
This video is NOT anti-Jewish. Please do not Flag out of ignorance

Cut from "The Secrets of The Federal Reserve", lecture by Eustace Mullins in Canada, August 2000 & from "Hitler & the Zionists" from Jim Condit, Jr.'s film "The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis"

The full Secrets of The Federal Reserve lecture is here

The full Hitler & The Zionists is here

I also highly recommend you watch Eustace Mullins The Neo Zionist Order

Eustace Mullins [RIP] was born on March 9th, 1923 in Virginia, USA. He was a protégée of Ezra Pound, like the Nobel Prize winners T.S. Elliot, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and William Butler Yeats. Listen to what Eustace Mullins found out and you'll understand why they never gave him a (deserved!) Nobel Prize!

You'll find lots of evidence for the cooperation between the nazi's and the banksterfamilies in his books, or in the writings of Eustace's friend Antony Sutton. Sutton proved Wall Street financed Hitler from 1926-1944, see his 'Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler'. Or for sources take a look at the video's Hitler & the Zionists parts 1 and 2.

Other proof in Charles Higham's 'Trading with the Enemy' or Joseph Borkin's 'Crime and Punishment of IG Farben'.

Hitler is partly Jewish? TIME Magazine, Monday, Oct. 13, 1941:

I PAID HITLER — Fritz Thyssen — Farrar & Rinehart ($2.75).

It has often been rumored that Hitler is partly Jewish. Thyssen gives plausible reasons for believing that, if Hitler does have Jewish blood, it comes from a distinguished family: "According to the published records, Hitler's grandmother had an illegitimate son, and this son was to become the father of Germany's present leader. But an inquiry once ordered by the late Austrian chancellor, Engelbert Dollfuss, disclosed that the Fuhrer's grandmother became pregnant during her employment as a servant in a Viennese family. . . . And the family . . . was none other than that of Baron Rothschild."

Of course, no matter where she was employed, any plowboy might have fathered Hitler's grandmother's son. But Thyssen says that Hitler's spies told him of the existence of the document, that it was probably a factor in Dollfuss' assassination, that Hitler later wrested it from Schuschnigg. Thyssen also heard that a copy of it was "in the hands of the British Secret Service."

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