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Mantra Video: A prayer to Maria and I'm One With the Love chanted by Satyadevi

Satyadevi performs a touching prayer to Maria and sings afterwards the song “I´m one with the Love" as part of the Saturday evening Satsang at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg, Germany. Information on Yoga Vidya Teachers Training Course or workshops.

In our kirtanbook you`ll find the song I´m one with the Love at number 542.
Here is the text with the prayer in german to sing along:
Segne du Maria, segne mich, dein Kind, dass ich hier den Frieden, dort im Himmel find.
Segne all mein Denken, segne all mein Tun, lass in deinem Segen, Tag und Nacht mich ruhn.
Ave Maria
Kyrie Eleison
Segne du Maria, alle die mir lieb, deinen Muttersegen, ihnen täglich gib.
Deine Mutterhände, breit´auf alle aus, segne alle Herzen, segne jedes Haus.
Ave Maria
Kyrie Eleison

I´m One with the love of tthe mother
I´m one with the love of God
I´m one with the love of the father
I´m one with the love of God
Ave Maria
Kyrie Eleison …

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