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The Unification Epicenter of True Lightworkers

Channel Light daily for 7 minutes anytime anywhere.

Imagine an ocean of Light above. Imagine that the Light enters you and fills up your entire system. Experience the Light for a moment. Then imagine it spreading out and gradually filling up your room, house, locality, country and the world. Channel Light for 7 minutes.

Light is Energy. Light has Intelligence, Power and Future. Light is the Source of all creation.

Light brings Peace and Love. Light brings Change in hearts, nature and environment. Light transforms. There will be no conflicts. No wars.

Light heals. Light heals the wounds inflicted by violence and hatred on individuals and countries.

Light purifies our body, mind and intellect. It burns the Karmas of the individual and the countries. When Karmas are cleared, the destinies forced by Karmas change.

Light helps in every way. We can solve our problems, create our destinies and change the destinies of the world.

If many channel the Light, the impact on the world is great. If many channel the Light at the same time, the impact will be faster.

There are many Light workers around the world who are channelling the Light. This has brought a new awareness and there are changes. For more and faster changes, more Light is required. More and millions have to channel the Light. That is why this Movement.

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