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Julian Assange Interview After Speaking at Occupy London Stock Exchange Part 1

The Challenge is, to let whatever happens be ok~alright~ ie:
Non-judgement, Non-attachment
and Non-resistance,
while simply watching as a curious observer what's happening.

Don't make anything wrong.
Don't Identify with any Thought-Form.
Remain in Pure Silence/Stillness ~
No Thinking ~ Not Thoughts At All.

And there's a part of us, which will put up a resistance to it.

Not a part of "us"
but simply a representation of
who the ego thinks we are,
and so you may experience a bit of a reaction, or even discomfort.

Falling asleep is a form of resistance,
in an attempt to dissipate the emerging chaos in the system,
when that is just the necessary precursor to a new level of complexity.

So let whatever happens be ok, don't judge it at all and just OBSERVE
with a sense of curiosity,
and then persist until you are over the threshold,
and whatever it is will simply fall away.


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