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Invitation for Ascension Pioneers: Working with Essence

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

The Holidays are here and for many of us Ascension Pioneers this is a time of deepening all that is sacred, which is All of Life's Presence. I got a very clear Spirit guidance on what to create within the Light of the New and I hope You are with me as well, for our deepened Light focus is much needed at this time! We are learning to move beyond the words and images as we step into the Power of Pure Essence. The time between the December Solstice (our energetic new year reset) and Christ-Mass is our actual energetic New Year and it's important to be truly present and observant during that time. The Light rises in an important Cosmic intention during that cycle and we can co-create a New way of Being by tuning into it as well, through our personal Self Mastery. We are seeding a new template of our Being, so it's important to utilize working with Essence in Holy Trinity (sound, light and breath) more than anything else.

Here is a Holiday challenge for all of us if You feel inspired and called to participate! Every passing day between the Solstice and Christ-mass we will create a vibrational altar of sacredness that can constitute of simply anything we are guided to use (oracles, mandalas, art, nature gifts, water, etc.) for the energy of each day! It can be as big or small as we want, what matters is our conscious Presence and participation with it through the Light of Spirit infusion. This means no words and readings are necessary, just feeling the energy ... Pure Essence of Soul! We will leave the altar to stay each day and amplify its energy Essence through a deepened focus in meditation and remove it to create a new one the next day, imagining the amplification of our Soul's expansion as well. As we use the Holy Trinity of sound, light and breath, we will create a strong Essence of Wholeness, which means that after each meditation (which lasts all day long, not just when we sit to meditate) we might be compelled to sing, dance and create something. This raises the frequency into pure Joy of expanding Soul.

The importance lies in Being with that Essence the whole day and then interconnecting (and multi-layering) all the upcoming Essences that we will personally work with as they come through us.

Working with Creation Pillars goes beyond all words and images!

We are Love, Wisdom and Power ... sound, light and breath! We are Cosmic and we are expanding beyond the norm.

Are You with me? I hope You will participate!

My sacred vibrational altar images will be shared daily on my Instagram page here:

If You are using Instagram, please share your images by tagging them as #ascensionpioneers!

Connect with us as a group of Ascension Pioneers!

It's time to make all sacred and truly tune in and listen!!!

P.S. My page:

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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