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Your DNA Is Very Valuable
DNA Activation: 22 Strand Activation

Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are as a Divine Being. It is God-given, holy, sacred, and defines the uniqueness of you.

Initially the 22 strand activation was used as a rite of passage in the ancient mystery school traditions to activate high priests and priestesses, prophets, and oracles. Activation of the 22nd strand has been handed down from the time of King Solomon and is now being offered from the realms of spirit to bring humanity into full empowerment.

Activating the 22-Strands

Activation are accessed through the etheric spine with a specifically activated crystal and then flooded with light, awakening dormant strands and filling all of them to capacity. Activating 22 of the 24 key strands, this process sends a signal to the pineal gland, the body's master gland, reprogramming the DNA to begin to access the original divine blueprint. This 3,000-year-old method is potent, direct, and effective because it works with the natural flow of energy and light in the human body, powerfully cleaning up and energizing the DNA.

Some of the benefits of 22-Strand DNA Activation:
Enables you to bring in and hold more light in your physical body
Maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
Gives you more energy and clarity
Strengthens your immune system
Assists in releasing of unconscious patterns
Increases your ability to use more of your brain
Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
Allows a better connection with your Higher Self

During the activation, you receive key symbols at each energetic layer. Whether or not you are aware of them, these symbols can take the form of colors, shapes, feelings, light, energy, and so on. Physical sensations such as tingling, heat, or pulsating energy are typical experiences both during and after activation. All of these "clues" are things for you to meditate on as you move through the integration process later.

The 22-Strand DNA Activation is a form of etheric surgery. It was performed on the etheric body structure just outside your physical body. The physical and etheric are so closely connected that the body can "feel" whatever happens at the etheric level. Learn to listen to your body by tuning into it and meeting its needs as it moves through this transition. Care for yourself by being sensible. As with any surgery, allow yourself recuperation time and be gentle.

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Comment by Claude on November 7, 2010 at 11:04am
Empowerment vs. Healing

Although the activation is intended as a spiritual empowerment and not a healing per se, it sometimes has the effect of bringing physical healing to the body because the divine blueprint clears the genetic patterning for many diseases. Many cases have been reported of spontaneous healings that have come about simply due to a 22-Strand DNA Activation, along with long-term addictions lessening or disappearing entirely. Additionally, this process affects your ancestors and descendants 3 to 5 generations backwards and forwards.

Integrating the Activation

The manifestation of light or life force energy within the physical body is also referred to as Chi, Ki, or Prana. With the activation, you will immediately begin moving into a more active and aware state, with your capacity to bring in and hold light and energy within your body dramatically increased. Over a period of time, this profoundly changes your body's normal state of being. Toxins in your emotional and physical body block the ability to take in and hold life force energy. The most effective method for detoxing and integration is use of an alchemical elixir created by the Modern Mystery School. Used by ancient alchemists for prolonging life, this elixir, taken in the morning and evening, will:

1) Purificato - neutralize cellular levels of debris in the DNA resulting from environmental toxins, viral and bacterial exposure, and fungal overgrowth. When this debris is present, it hinders the assimilation of the light and consequently suppresses the expression of your spiritual gifts. This form of the elixir works best when the body is in motion or in a wakened state, as this helps release the debris to be neutralized, and is thus recommended to be taken when you wake up in the morning.

2) Crystalis - neutralize and clean out the genetic debris and the genetic damage from the point of conception. It both clears the last dense physical structures in the DNA that hinder full spiritual awareness and awakens your divinity codes. This formula works best while you are relaxing or asleep, sometimes experienced in the dreamtime as your higher spiritual form, and should be taken at bedtime.

As the toxins and debris are neutralized and cleared out from the cellular levels, they are can then be harmlessly flushed out of the body. Using both of these elixirs allows you to experience full contact with the power of the aura and soul. When a person feels that change energetically, the body soon responds by being in better physical (cellular) shape as well as sensing higher power flowing through you. Your body and mind begin to feel balanced, increasing the emotional states of love, joy, acceptance, and happiness, thus allowing you to experience success more fully in all areas of your life.

Additional methods to assist in the detoxification process is taking a large dose of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E in particular, and blue-green algae which oxygenates the bloodstream. A bath to draw out toxins and cleanse your aura is highly recommended of very hot water with one gallon of apple cider vinegar and one pound of sea salt added. If possible, recharge yourself after the bath by exposing your navel to the sun for 15 minutes.

Integration can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 years depending upon many factors, which are individual and impossible to predict. Although this activation needs to only be performed once, it is often helpful to have a periodic "tune up" every few months to speed up the integration process and continued elimination of toxins.

Other DNA Activation Methods

There are techniques now available that will activate the DNA up to the 12th strand for healing purposes, and anyone can learn these methods as well as perform this for themselves and others. Activating strands beyond that requires the service of someone who is trained and initiated on the physical level in the ancient spiritua

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