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The LEGENDARY,Mysterious,and Ever Popular "Illuminati Minidocumentary"!

(New World Order,Secret Societies,Freemasons,Occult Symbolism...etc)

Now has a "PART 2"!


*By "The Driver"! This video does NOT mean that the driver "shot" Kennedy with a "gun".It only means that the driver was most definately "in on it",because he slowed the car down to nearly a stop,and was turning around to look at the President,when he should have had the "Pedal to the Metal"!

*I KNOW that the so-called "UFO" is fake (From the "Sci-Fi Channel"),that is kinda the point,but there isn't alot of "Cosmic Top Secret Classified" footage of REAL military "Spy Drones" lying To see "atleast" one REAL top secret military spy drone,see my film:

"Alex Jones on UFOs,Aliens,and Project Blue Beam"

*By "Religion"...Is meant something like this...

"Religion" is man trying to reach out to God...

God sending his only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) into this world to save us,is God trying to reach out to man...

*I KNOW that the "Upside Down Cross" is used to represent the crucifixion of The Apostle Peter (Who asked to be crucified "upside down" because he felt unworthy to be crucified like The Lord Jesus Christ)...BUT...If a christian (Even the Pope) were tortured and killed,and the killers carved a "666" into his forehead,would we then start displaying "666" everywhere to "honor" that christian? Think about it!

And now THE most "Frequently Asked Questions" OF ALL TIME! lol

*The Music is called: "Clubbed To Death"...It is by: Rob Dougan...It is from the film "The Matrix"...

*I could tell you WHO created this "Mini Documentary",but then I'd have to KILL YOU!


Seriously though...The author wishes to remain "Anonymous" at this time...

(And WHO could blame him?)

This video reveals MUCH about the NWO and these "Secret Societies",and it has had MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of "views" from all around the WORLD!

It has been uploaded and posted to THOUSANDS of websites and blogs,and HUNDREDS perhaps THOUSANDS claim "Authorship" of this video.

(Please direct those who do back to this article)

It has also been used as a "Template" so-to-speak (Or rather,as an "Inspiration") for other videos that it has "Spawned"...

This video (Whatever you may think of it,or it's information)


(Do a search in "Google" for "Illuminati Mini Documentary" and see for yourself!)

(It comes in MANY other names as well)

I posted this video,and this article,to honor a man whom many have called a "Genius" for this work (I am sure he is humbled by that) I can only hope and pray that "Part 2" will live up to such a HIGH STANDARD...

We may NEVER know WHO "The Author" is...


Until he's ready to come forward...

For now...

It will remain a MYSTERY...

But be honest...

You like it BETTER THIS WAY don't you! lol

"Who-WHO will watch The Watchmen"?


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