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How Others Treat You is How You Treat Your Inner Child

Jelaila is an internationally known writer,speaker, counselor, channel, and author of "We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered and The Keys of Compassion, Jelaila Starr shares a higher perspective on ascension, Nibiru/Planet X, 2012, and world events.

Hey ya guys ! this is really true. Your already have inside of you a very valuable treasure! , is your innerchild. Some could say that they are adult already, but in fact you have your inner child already in yourself. The thing is you forgot about your innerchild and keep away! and then feed it your ego. Specially this society has feed your ego. That is reason cause all of us have and have had enormous kind of egos!.

But you maybe could be thinking your ego is bad, that your ego is not worth it. However, your EGO is very important!. Your ego is part of yourself that don`t feel connected with others. Is like the dark side of your inner child. In addition, you have to understand that your ego is there for a reason. What reason.... could you be thinking?.

Well, i will tell you :) . Your ego is there for supporting you in order to accept infinite love! that creator or god has done for us. So, from now, begin changing the believe that your ego is bad. it isn`t ! . Instead of that, love your ego and love your inner child. Say a positive affirmation, like I love my ego and then hug to yourself...haha.

Also, say to yourself i love me (for example, say i love (tell your name) ), and then hug to yourself. Or use whatever positive affirmation you want to use.

It` s important also guys that you use colours, for example use them to make mindmaps. They (mindmaps) not only awaken your potential but your love to yourself !. It`s like colours have conciousness of creator. It`s like each of colour were a different aspect of creator or god. So, I hope this help you guys !

with L <3 v e ,


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