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GCR Great Shift Why Resurrection Magdalene Divine Femine Imperative for New Earth

Streamed live on Mar 28, 2016 F*REE Experiential Tools Available including a Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation And if you'd like to become a member of our community, please go to the above website and click on the "Community" button. :-)

During this show: “Why Resurrection of The Magdalene Divine Feminine Energy is Imperative for GCR & The Great Shift” w/ Special Guest: Cynthia

Timeline 133 For the Betterment of Humanity - The GCR being revealed between the window of March 13th to March 31st (3.13. to 3.31 - do you see the numbers 133? In Australia - where we are right now- the dates read: 13.3 to 31.3 ) ... Take it as you may!

For the introduction, detailed info about Timeline / Track 133, listen to show #9 from January 25th 2016.

Deb reveals detailed communicated from Mary Magdalene in the 48-72 hours leading up to the show; prompting Deb to change the title of the show and the direction of the context of the show’s subject matter…

Details about WHY the “controllers” of the enslavement matrix needed to dismantle the Divine Feminine, including Mary Magdalene - it may not be anything like what you have thought about in the so far … and why we must bring this back into balance in order for humanity to move forward.

Details about how the New Earth Community is establishing the required (new) patterns of beingness and existence such as INTEGRITY, LOVE, EMPOWERMENT, CREATING RELATIONSHIP and much more ... see the website for details.

Generation of Lack - if you think that your lack of self-esteem, lack of sep-worth or lack of integrity is going to be fixed from receiving this money, then take a look again-we get into some details about what this really is - and it’s not based in the Glory of God as a Being in Light, but an egoic facade…

Cynthia reveals her real name instead of utilizing her avatar name!

Cynthia talks about the concerns of how you are going to handle the potential anxiety Post exchanging.

Deb & Cynthia also talk about the NDA and the importance of engaging with impeccable integrity :-)

Cynthia shares about the new systems that have been put in place, the trust we can now have in the banking system, including the new way of life that we’re entering in to.

P.E.T.S. - Post Exchange Trauma Syndrome - something Cynthia and Deb came up with a conversation a few days prior to the show. How are you going to handle this new found wealth in your life, within your family dynamics, friends, people that feel they have entitlement to you and / or your wealth?

Deb, Scott, Cynthia, & Helen close out the show with a four way visualization and anchoring of the New Earth.

**Remember that this is Experiential & Transformational Media - your engagement is active, not just passive!

We love you!

Complete transcript will be available at the website, along with the IM chat from the YouTube live show.

Remember - We Are In This Together! AND The Most Important Relationship is a Loving Relationship with YourSelf!

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