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Galactic Federation of Light Update ~ The Solstice Event

New Lemuria Activation Portal ~ June 21st 2015

Implant removal and awakening Sessions schedule and details here

Galactic Federation of Light Announcement ~ Join us Daily for Live Events and Announcements~ Full Announcements Only in Live Chat Room Daily At this Link: This Room is Open Daily For Ascension Support and Galactic Federation of Light updates. Join us as Historical Events are Unfolding. First Contact And Disclosure Daily in this Room. Its All Happening Here! If Your Not here Your Missing IT ALL! We Love You, Love The First Contact Ground Crew Team and the Galactic Federation of Light.

For Daily Messages You can Visit This Link:

~ This is Our Year!

Its Through Your Love Shares Donations we are Able to Assist In Bringing In the New Paradigm, Thanks for Sharing Here is the Link:

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