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Dr. Rauni Kilde (1 of 2): Iceland, vulcano, military exercise, war - it's a warning signal!

Link from Iceland: - Is the volvanic eruption on Iceland really a metaphor for something much deeper? It has already been said that the vulcano and the grounding of air planes all over Europe has done more harm to the economy than 911. Could this be a warning of a coming sacrifice of Iceland and the Icelandic people? Iceland was the first country that was pulled down by the "finance crisis". A private American company owns all the medical journals (DNA) of the Icelandic people which is an isolated people on an Island - it looks like Iceland has become a huge experiment. The Icelandic people have a precious connexion to Mother Earth and the Spirit realm in general, so there might be much more really occurring on other levels that meets the eye with the volcanic activity.

The Human Project's Swiss connexion

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