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Dr David R Hawkins - A Key To Making Love Unconditional (Transcending The Consciousness Level 500)

Love as depicted in the mass media
is not what this level is about.

For when this love is frustrated,
it often reveals an underlying anger
and dependency that it had masked.

That love can turn to hate in a common perception.
Hence love never existed for hate only stems from pride not love.

The 500 level is characterized
by the development of a Love that is unconditional, unchanging,
and permanent.

It doesn’t fluctuate –
its source isn’t dependent on
external factors.

Loving is a state of being.
It’s a forgiving, nurturing,
and supportive way of relating
to the world.

Love isn’t intellectual and doesn’t proceed from the mind;

Love emanates from the heart.
Love focuses on the goodness of life
in all its expressions and
augments that which is positive.

This is the level of true happiness.
Only 0.4% of the world’s population
ever reaches this level of evolution
of consciousness.

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