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David Icke - Hour 1 - The People’s Voice & Perception Absolutism

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Comment by CHRISTINA on August 15, 2013 at 2:50pm

August 12, 2013

                British author and speaker David
Icke has written 20 books and traveled to over 55 countries. His books
reveal how a hidden hand is behind world-changing events like the
attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of
a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed
problem-reaction-solution. While being controversial and often heavily
attacked, David Icke has driven on with his unrelentless investigation
into subject areas that others don't dare touch. He returns to talk
about the new media channel "The People's Voice" and his upcoming book
"The Perception Deception." In the first hour, we discuss the current
media climate and the diverse voices and opinions that exist. He shares
his inspiration for starting a new media channel and what he sees it
developing into. In the second hour, he speaks about his upcoming book
and the false science which most people let define their reality. We
talk about how most people live in a virtual reality. They reject
information by reflex reaction. The rulers are trying to create
predictable collectivists who all behave the same. Later, David
discusses the source of creativity and mentions that people such as
Leonardo Da Vinci & Giordano Bruno were not ahead of their time, but
beyond time. We end the discussion on internet censorship in the UK and
why this approach will fail.

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