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Countdown: Net Neutrality imperiled as Congress, The President, the FCC Hide

(CampaignForLiberty) –
A new opinion piece on argues that it’s the government,
not the companies providing
internet access, that is the real danger to free speech and the internet:

We should be skeptical of any claims that net neutrality regulation
is consistent with the First Amendment, let alone required by it.

As First Amendment attorney Robert Corn-Revere has noted
(“The First Amendment, the Internet & Net Neutrality:
Be Careful What You Wish For”),

“It should not be forgotten that the federal government’s initial impulse
[in the mid-1990s] was to censor
the internet and to subject it
to a far lower level of First Amendment protection.”

The real “Big Brother” threat here
is a government with the power
to completely foreclose all speech
under threat of fine or imprisonment —

a power the private sector lacks
even if you buy into the silly notion
that it is out to bottle up speech or speakers…

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