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The Hidden Knowledge : when you accept that you are no-body, you start to be aware that you are everybody. When you understand that you are no-thing, you start to realize that you are everything.... Everybody is a hero.... So first learn to be a zero.

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Comment by simpleman on September 26, 2010 at 1:32pm
This video was uploaded by a couple other members here but I want to share it too. I think its important for us to see and is a very enlightening video. I recomend watching.
The youtube user's account that this orrigionaly came from is suspended or deleted. This user had many intresting videos that are no longer avalible.

These videos must have ruffeled some people's feathers. It must be things that they dont want us to know. They are still trying to hide the truth. The thing is, once knowlege is leaked into the hands of the public, especially now with world wide internet, it cant be put back again.

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