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Child Protective Services: CPS & Police Abuse Constitution, Invading Homes, Kidnapping Children, Ignoring Courts, and Criminalizing Americans. Polygamist FLDS Raid Sheds Light on More Cases.

Child Protective Services can take your children too. CPS has come to believe they are above the law and the Constitution, that they do not need a search war...

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Comment by CHRISTINA on July 24, 2011 at 7:01am
Love and prayers your way, simpleman and free spirit. You did the right thing by not choosing for the Hepatitis B jab.
Comment by simpleman on July 24, 2011 at 6:51am

The ass holes at the hospital was the one who called CPS on us. They were pisse because we choose not to give the new born a hepititus B shot.

Comment by simpleman on July 24, 2011 at 6:26am
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This is exactly what happened to us.  This is tyranny in our own back yard. All it takes is a phone call from a pissed off narrow minded  ass hole  and your in deep doo doo. The sad thing is what to the kids is that they get terrorized by these strangers who are trained by the government who has no regard for emotion. All they care about is numbers on the books and getting a pay check and the bonus is to toy with peoples lives and children's futures. Its time to kick some ass, but when I say that I dont mean it in a physical sense. Its time to stop falling for their fear tactics and stand up and fight for our rights. Whether we win or loose, we still win, because we didn't sit down and just take it, no we make a choice and take action. It time we have federal investigation of the CPS crime syndicate. Im willing to go all the way. Its time these criminals are exposed and put under the spot light.


This is real. No bull shit folks. Please share this video.



This is

Comment by simpleman on July 24, 2011 at 5:47am

Child Protective Services can take your children too. CPS has come to believe they are above the law and the Constitution, that they do not need a search warrant to come into your home, label you as a child abuser for any reason and make you a criminal based upon their opinion alone, take your children away in a paddy wagon, and put your kids into foster homes pending a court hearing where CPS will try their best to win and permanently take custody of your kids. If CPS loses, they will continue to fight you, slandering your family and listing you as a child abuser in government databases. CPS is an abusive government agency spiraling completely out of control. It's time to shut them down. The unlawful removal of 468 children from the FLDS ranch in west Texas, has put CPS under the microscope. That case has led others to wonder if they can do that to FLDS children, can CPS do that to my children? CBS 42 investigative reporter, Nancy Wilson, shows us one family who says the same thing happened to them, and eight years later they are still trying to clear their names. This is the Gates family, Gary and Melissa have 13 children, 11 of them adopted. They saw a need for kids from a variety of backgrounds who need love in a stable home. Imagine their surprise when 11 government employees, 6 police officers and 5 CPS workers, showed up on their doorstep. The school called CPS when they discovered that the Gates pinned a baggy with food wrappers inside the shirt of one of the kids that was caught stealing. It included a two page explanation and who to call if there were questions. The school did make a phone call, to CPS. Gates was shocked to find CPS workers in his home uninvited, especially when CPS refused to leave. "How can you take 13 kids? That opened my eyes to a whole new way of government." - Gary Gates CPS & Police completely ignored the 4th Amendment Constitutional rights of Americans, entered the Gates home, and took away all 13 of their children, without a court order, after a mere phone call. This is a very similar situation to the FLDS raid, except that the phone call that Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) used to kidnap the FLDS children was a hoax. Later in court, the reason CPS gave for taking the Gate's children was that CPS felt that Mr. Gates was uncooperative with them taking away his children, and his unwillingness to cooperate put the children at risk. Fortunately, the judge ordered the children returned immediately. An independent psychologist conducted his own review and wrote a glowing report, saying, "I've never said this about anyone I have evaluated: I admire the Gates, I would not hesitate to place my own children in their care." However, even though the judge ordered the case dismissed, and the independent review was praiseworthy, CPS did not care. CPS called the praiseworthy review disappointing and continued to fight the Gates anyway, listing them in the state's central registry as child abusers. Even though the Gates were innocent, CPS claims that because their opinion is that the the father emotionally emotionally abused one child by punishing him, and since all the kids saw it, that equals 13 counts of abuse. And, because the wife did not stop it, that equals another 13 counts of abuse for a grand total of 26 counts of child abuse. The Gates were never charged with any crime, they are guilty based solely on the opinion of CPS. The Gates have spent the past 8 years and $175,000 trying to get their names removed from the child abuser registry after CPS unjustly listed them. CPS' unlawful and massive FLDS raid of the polygamist community's children may actually result in more Americans becoming aware of these abuses within CPS and the government.

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