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Ben Fulford and David Wilcock on Russian TV: Cabal Defeat is Looming

21 million people in Russia and neighboring countries watched REN-TV reveal the imminent defeat of the New World Order in this stunning expose' with Ben Fulf...

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Comment by CHRISTINA on November 10, 2014 at 4:43am

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Also, from a previous comment that Christina made on the subject of whether or not Putin is still a freemason: 

Why does the Russian t.v. then shows programs on the attempts to form one World Government?
Why are the interviews with David Wilcock broadcast?
Why are programs on extraterrastials shown, and did Putin phone Obama and ask him if he was going to tell the world or Putin himself?
Why did Edgar Cayce say that Russia would become beacons of hope for the world and would bring real freedom?
Why is it said that Israel and the U.S. have made contracts with the greys and Putin with the tall whites; this is to say benevolent E.T.s, on condition he will not support war?
It all does not suit whatever is mentioned above.

Comment by CHRISTINA on November 10, 2014 at 4:39am

Jesuits seek to defeat all democracies; Establish one world religion and government, Sole Source Economy[xi]

Jesuit Pope Francis & the BRICS Central Bank

Jesuit Pope Francis and the Vatican now have a growing funding role in the BRICS nations new international development bank, intended to displace and be an alternative to the Rothschild-controlled and “diabolical” World Bank-IMF.[xii]

There are a number of disturbing patterns between Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio and Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by RT, official Russian television.

For example, I noticed when presiding as a Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal that World press was divided into two groups: those who called the KL Tribunal a “mock tribunal” and those who honored it as a trubunal of conscience

I am amazed to find out that Russia’s (and Putin’s) RT falls into the category of those who used “mock tribunal” like the Washington Post, thus denigrating the sovereignty of the people’s common law.[xiii]

Russia (and Putin’s) RT also cancelled an interview with the International Common Law Court of Justice Field Secretary Kevin Annett on the grounds that “To think the Pope would commit evil acts is crazy.”

In a coordinated move with Jesuit intelligence following this act by RT, NSA cancelled Kevin’s Facebook account and he has not been allowed on Facebook since.

That is exactly what happened to this reporter when Jesuit intelligence activated NSA to activate Facebook cointelpro to cancel the Facebook account of this reporter prior to the 10.27.14 statement of Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio. (Facebook informed this reporter at 12:04 pm on 10.29.14 that the account had been reinstated).

In a fundamental way, RT, Putin, Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio are, by the evidence, allies against sovereign common law tribunals of conscience such as the:

One would reasonably conclude that VATICAN + BRICS = NWO as well.

The Dimensional Ecology ~ by Alfred Lambremont Webre, MEd JD

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 31, 2014 at 5:08am

Fulford Digs Hole Deeper – Has He Revealed Himself?

Posted on April 29, 2014

Deus Nexus: In the continuing soap opera that is Benjamin Fulford’s posted spat with some of his readers, Fulford continues to stretch his credibility and what’s left of his readership by demonstrating his unwavering support for the Vatican and the British monarchy, digging the hole even deeper.

Fulford continues to attack Kevin Annet without provocation. His argument is ludicrous, as the below-the-line exchange demonstrates. Why would Kevin Annet, who is a Canadian minister, take on the American political power structure?

Popes claiming to be god on earth:

Vatican Claims Power Over All Governments

Posted by CHRISTINA on October 8, 2012 at 4:49am in General exchange of information and articles

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 27, 2014 at 7:00pm

i'm with jean and kevin :)

UPDATED with a comment from Jean – Ben Fulford (full post) , August...

UPDATE: From my two posts this morning, you may realize I have been extremely busy behind the scenes. My posting of Ben Fulford’s post was merely so people could connect David Wilcock’s statements to it. In no way — and my readers should already know this — do I approve of Ben’s statements concerning Kevin Annett. IMO, Ben Fulford’s research appears to be totally lacking in any depth. Kevin and I email, and he is clear, and I hope you are as well, that I support his every effort. I’m sorry if there has been some confusion. . . ~J

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 27, 2014 at 6:19am

Ben Fulford (full post) , August 26, 2014

I decided to publish Ben’s post this week, because I think David Wilcock’s commenon it which follows in the next article is very interesting. While neither say much that is new, the information when taken collectively gives us a better perspective of what we can expect. ~J

The summer is ending and the Satan-worshipping cabalists are trembling in fear of what will come their way this autumn, according to White Dragon Society, CIA and Chinese government and other sources. However, instead of anything dramatic happening, the cabal will be left to continue its slow motion implosion as new international structures continue to be put in place to by-pass their financial control systems, the sources say. The mathematics of finance and the real economy are working irrevocably against the cabal governments in the US and Israel so, time is on the side of the 188 nation BRICS alliance. Just like it is best to wait for a sick lion to die instead of trying to pick a fight with it, the cabal is inevitably sinking so there is no need to do anything rash.

Nonetheless, there might also be some more dramatic actions planned but obviously they will not be announced in advance. We can hint, however, that these planned moves involve gold, silver, and, for some, lead.

The cabal, for its part, is continuing to produce one fake fear-mongering media event after the other in an effort to manipulate the opinions of a steadily shrinking audience of brain-washed believers. To this end the cabal has recently staged the fake beheading of a journalist in the Middle East, orchestrated race riots in the US, attempted to reignite a cold war with Russia, tried to start a global Ebola pandemic, threatened to blow up Chicago, LA and New York etc.

The people who wrote the Mossad motto “by way of deception, thou shalt make war,” obviously never read the parable about the boy who cried wolf. The lies and fake incidents are no longer believed by most informed people, especially in the world’s military and intelligence organizations. Instead of creating the desired effect of herding the sheeple in predetermined directions, the recent staged events have caused profound disgust throughout the world’s governments, armed forces and other agencies with the ability to actually fight if necessary.

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 6, 2014 at 2:35pm

cabal defeat is looming

i would say high time the house of cards went down!!!

Comment by CHRISTINA on August 6, 2014 at 2:31pm

Published on Aug 5, 2014

21 million people in Russia and neighboring countries watched REN-TV reveal the imminent defeat of the New World Order in this stunning expose’ with Ben Fulford and David Wilcock.

This three-hour 8PM documentary revealed how 26 underground bases were mysteriously destroyed between August 22, 2011 and January 2012 — and explores who may have done it.

The Russians explore uncomfortable truths with remarkable new detail and clarity, including the transfer of Nazi scientists to America after World War II under Project Paperclip.

Never before has a major television series so thoroughly revealed the international alliance that has formed to encircle and defeat the Cabal.

Neil Keenan’s epic multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against the United Nations and other Cabal entities is discussed, as well as Fulford’s own efforts to organize resistance efforts.

Learn how the Federal Reserve deliberately created World War I and II to seize the world’s gold — and create a limitless supply of “bubble money” that could be printed out of thin air.

The documentary ultimately stops short of naming BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — as the public face of this new alliance against the Federal Reserve. This alliance apparently now encompasses a majority of all countries in the world.

The staff of REN-TV told us this show was wildly popular, reaching a stunning 21 million viewers. It is fast-paced and has an intense, dramatic musical score with lots of visuals.

You may want to laugh or think this is all “crazy” — but it was taken seriously enough to be developed into a major, prime-time special on a top Russian network.

As David often has said, “if you throw up, you’ll feel better” is a good analogy for what we all must learn in order to heal our planet. Without awareness there can be no resolution.

On the bottom right of your screen it says CC. You have to click on this to turn on English subtitles or else they will not be visible.


Ben Fulford and David Wilcock on Russian TV: Cabal Defeat is Looming

PLEASE NOTE: On the bottom right of your screen it says CC. You have to click on this to turn on English subtitles or else they will not be visible. (I found it helpful to turn the volume way down. ~J]


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