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Al Gore Explains Global Warming/Greenhouse Effect in 10 min.

The North Pole is going to melt, and its obvious, so maybe its this simple fact that the government already knows about that they are not telling any one. Simple Natural History mixed into what we have done < mainly what we have done. What this would mean, the dramatic melting of the poles, it would take out most coast lines, Canada, Europe, and Asia. hmmm Nostradamus said that it would take out all of that, and the "new world" too (as in America). If its not one person that has talent when it comes to predictions it is indeed him. So, you cannot run away from yourself if you want to transcend. When you do something, you have to live up to the consequences, this goes for all of humanity. Remember? Just like what happened to Atlantis! Only that the ones whom were intuitive enough to get out of the way, were the only ones that survived and evolved to light beings. (but thats just Earth changes 101) Christ said it himself people, one of the most advanced humans that ever walked Earth "just like the times of Noah!"

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