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Adolf Hitler - The greatest story Never told (Full 6 hours Documentary)

25 aug 2013
By popular demand around YouTube im uploading a copy that I kept in archive.This is the complete series so get it while you can.Documentaries biased or unbiased always contain true facts.It is up to the investigators (or people that will watch them) to make their own research and gather all the facts afterwards. It shouldn't be some corporate filter that will declare the "truth" to the sheeple. Reminds me of the story of Hatshepsut (Ancient Egypt) she was one of the few woman pharaoh's, she simply got erased from history...just because. (google it)
This video is for educational and research purposes.It is not a political statement nor do I necessarily agree with some views by the author.
I believe access to information is the prime example of true freedom.

(Update) There is a new website available with all these videos separately and their description.Also for those of you requesting what soundtrack is playing on several parts of the video you can now find all that information on the website.

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