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2012 Institute for Human Continuity pt.2/2

The elite are funding a movement that is a cancerous growth in the "New Age" movement. Essentially it is their One-World Religion to unify people and homogenize them to accept the New World Order.

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Comment by Rainbow Warrior on August 26, 2009 at 12:14pm
good video.although the IHC it's only propaganda for sony's movie 2012.

I Know many people believe in what it is there,all the info and some of them are really on the competition for the world lider after 2012.
This is another stupidity as all kind of religions ever created by the man to control people's fears and hopes.
A new Age based on the same old way of livin on EARTH, which is LIVING UNDER THEIR RULES.
it's amazing how people always need someone or something to put over their bad feelings and actions.

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