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The 2012 alignment: The easiest thing to do is disregard it, ignore it. That’s one choice. But with all the confluence of predictions, with all the interesting events occurring worldwide in nature, politics and scientific discovery, it might be interesting, even fun, to pay attention in this most interesting of times.

Four directions to place your attention in the coming months:

1. Within, to the center of your being, your Vast Interior. It's time to discover and explore the 95% of reality that we ordinarily spend 5% of our consciousness on. This is the residence of Truth, and if you explore honestly and thoroughly, you will find where it resides.

2. Down, to the center of the earth, the heart of our mother. This is the nurturing being who translates sunlight into life, including the wondrous biological beings in which we settle our consciousnesses, and agree to existence in time and space.

3. Up, to the sun, the father of the solar system and lover of Gaia, our mother. The information, in sacred geometric code, emanates from the sun. The fields of the earth decode and utilize this information to create life and incubate all the levels of awareness.

4. The galactic center, which you can find by locating the Dark Rift in the Milky Way. It is right in between Sagittarius and Capricorn and looks like a celestial birth canal. The brightness of the galactic center is eclipsed by non-luminescent dust and debris, but the energy of this galactic center bathes the galaxy, including the sun and its planets, in cosmic radiation.

To be in physical alignment with this event, you will want to be along the line that is the Tropic of Capricorn on that date at noon, Solstice 2012, where the line between the earth's core and the galactic center will pass through your root chakra, your crown chakra, and the sun. You might also choose to be on the Tropic of Cancer at midnight on Solstice, thus positioning the earth center and the sun in alignment between you and the galactic center. This is more of a curiosity than a necessity, but it helps to visualize this to benefit your awareness. Those who are aware will honor this moment

Certainly, there will be an alignment of the earth, the sun, and the galactic center on December 21, 2012, as verifiable by the natal chart for that date. This is true for every year, because every year the sun is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn on this date. But in 2012, the ecliptic of the sun transits the Dark Rift for the first time. Whether your interior is in alignment with this celestial event is up to you. But for those who are becoming aware now, hesitancy can result in a jolting shift as the date draws near. You have the better part of two years still to navigate and chart your interior. Remember, you don't have to believe any of this, because you will know what is True, having done the work.

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