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At 12:07pm on September 3, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…

Hi Aaron...Belated thanks for your friendship!!...Brightest blessings to you in all what you need.....
At 4:28pm on September 1, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…

Hellooo Aaron :-)...have a beautiful day with much love,joy and peace!!
At 11:05am on August 20, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…

Hey there!...lovely Aaron!...have a blessed day!!
At 2:10pm on August 8, 2009, Aaron said…
Hi everyone, a Little Update on how i'm doing. Going through alot of rough times especially financial times. My hopes are still up but stress is getting much harder to tolerate and to handle.

I'm spreading the message around about a Resource Based Economy as much as i can, but most people don't want change and it is hard to get it across to them.
I'm going through a massive transformation in my mind where, i'm at times very joyful and times where i'm extremely frustrated. Finding out what i want is so very difficult especially when everything around me is not what i want anymore. I would drop all that if i had something else in place to replace everything, but that's not easy with the income i have.

I'm still out of work and i'm just scratching to get by, My problem is listening to my feelings, listening to my heart and how to understand myself more clearly. I still have all the symptoms except some of the symptoms are getting a little worse. I feel like i'm losing my mind at times, and i feel like i just can't handle this anymore. I also know nothing outside of me can help me and only i can help my self.

I suppose when you lived your whole life being pressured to work all your life and be a slave, it is so very hard to do what you really want without money or currency.
That part i have a difficult time trying to understand. I want to go get some healing done at a reconnection healing seminar but they are so expensive to go to.

I'm still doing my volunteer work, which i continue to enjoy. Meditation is not getting any easier for me, since time is rapidly going along faster than i can even breathe. An Hour feels like 2 minutes now, and a day feels like 3 hours.
Well i've always was a slow learner, i suppose i will learn and push forward some day. I didn't think trying to love yourself would be so hard.
At 9:47pm on July 9, 2009, Aaron said…
Hey everyone i'm doing just fine, i'm going through alot of the symptoms for Ascension, extreme pressure on my chest, aches and pains, tiredness, tingling, heat and alot more. I've learned to just accept it and not worry too much about it. Now it's getting hard to breathe sometimes, That is starting to worry me a little. I get moments of happiness and moments of depression and frustration. It's weird i'm getting both.

I started a Brand new Ning site Called A New World Society dedicated for the Venus Project. It's still a work in Progress i can say it is 80% done and live. So if you all would like to join go right ahead.

Visit A New World Society
I'm so ready for Ufo Disclosure and the release of all that technology that could help millions of people. We really need those technologies so we can begin our process to a new world.

I"m Just like i don't care about anything as of materialism or this entire Physical world, i've been ready to leave for a long time now. I really hope we all get to fly in 2011, 2012. I'm so tired of Driving as well. It's so boring to drive these days.
where i live there is no transportation system, and i do ride my bike but that is getting boring as well. Until the next update!

May you all be at Peace
At 3:33pm on June 22, 2009, Connor Tait said…
Hey thanks for the manifest disclosure idea. I made an event out of it so tell everyone you know to check it out in events and pitch in!
At 6:34pm on June 19, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…
At 9:40pm on June 15, 2009, Aaron said…
Hey everyone a another update on how i'm doing, Still going through rough times, i guess that's part of life, finances is almost like i just don't care anymore about finances and beginning to just let that go. All i want for my life is to be at peace and no pain and suffering, maybe i'm creating it myself but i still can't see my own emotions or thoughts. My manifestations are coming at me rapidly but i can't manifest things i try to manifest. Sound is way to overwhelming for me, my awareness is expanding way too much, but the good news is i'm starting to see fear leaving and more calmness which is cool. I still have my 2 blogs, network and website that you can all take a look at up top. I still put an effort into them even if no one goes to them as much. I still volunteer at the hospital and help out my family when i can, but i havn't had any supernatural or extra sensory perception, only the premonition that i had about the future which was very bright and wonderful but couldn't make out what was going to happen, something positive for the world is going to happen this summer i just don't know what it is. Other than that i've been feeling a little like i'm not myself anymore, like i'm this different person. I still lose control and get very frustrated about life but i'm working through that. I had some drunk try to threaten me yesterday only because i was just sitting on the porch talking to his ex girlfriend that left him months ago, and it is a long story. He has alot of serious problems in his life.

I hope all my friends on here are doing wonderful i know it is pretty tough out there but hang in there and you will be fine, don't worry about anything or push to hard to grow spiritually, if will happen when you are ready. Same goes with me, i want to believe i'm ready but i'm not totally. Much love to you all god bless and may you all be at peace.
At 11:37pm on June 1, 2009, Besimi said…
At 9:59pm on May 28, 2009, Aaron said…
Hello Everyone a Little update on me, I've doing ok so far still going through an emotional rollar coaster, but i'm doing ok about it. I know i have my Blog Timewave2012 i've started a project and today i finished it, it is a new Website called (the collective conscious) Which is huge because i have so many options and upgrades that i can do with it. It goes even beyond Ning. It is totally customizable and free to create except for ads that are up on top of my site. It has it's own community network, blogging, videos, online radio, forums, downloads, calender, audio, file share, online store, guest book, links, and so much more you can do with it. I've really put alot of effort into this and energy, i'm now working on promoting it. Here's a Picture of it.

I hope you all like it and join, i just want to put all knowledge, and info all in one place.
At 11:22am on May 8, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…
At 7:47pm on May 1, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…
At 7:16pm on April 23, 2009, Shital said…
Your welcome! Have a beautiful day!
At 9:46pm on April 22, 2009, Shital said…
At 11:29pm on March 24, 2009, Drazen said…
Hello Aaron!!!

How are you ? I just want it to tell you i love your blog keep up with good work.

Cya L&L to you
At 11:06pm on March 22, 2009, Martin said…
Hey Aaron your 2012timewave blog is soo awsome i am always checking it for some updates peace love and light to you Aaron you rule
At 1:07pm on March 2, 2009, Aaron said…
Hey everyone a little update on how i've doing. Well for starters i've been really frustrated and really down as of lately. I know there is no automatic switch to awakening but i did learn that there is different phases of an awakening process and i have been so angry with myself that i feel i'm not moving forward or changing my life around in a dramatic way.

Luckily i still have my job and i'm still volunteering at the hospital, and i'm also working on my blog and network and putting alot of energy into those two.

On the upside i've gotten a raise at work and my internet/cable bill went down so that helps. Second of all i would like to share my story with all of you since i know it is the past but it's how i got to where I'm at right now.

Since i'm an extremely sensitive person, i used to get very angry and not at other people more towards myself. I have a habit of putting my self down because i believe that i've been a failure all my life and never done anything to service others or help others, i used to be so self centered and worrying about myself and not thinking of others at the time.

I still have some of that selfeshness but i've come along way with my anger and i love people much more than i used to. I went through a dramatic experience in the Iraq war (U.s. Army Reserves)and it just really made me much worst than what i was. I did not want to hurt anyone and luckily i got transfered to Kuwait and i continued on with my mission in Kuwait, Which was somewhat of an accomplishment but i don't believe so since it was for the war. So i thank god i didn't have to kill anyone in war time. I charish all humans and animals, although i don't like insects very much but i wouldn't hurt them.

So this is where i'm stuck, i'm so afraid of not being worthy enough for facing my god self and i'm afraid to let go of the ego because i'm so used to living this way all my life. I was always taught that i have to work hard to make a living and to go to church and do this and do that. Although i love servicing others now and i volunteer, but it's still work and i'm not being creative and i have no passion for anything except computers and working on my blog and network.

Each day i feel like i don't want to be in this world anymore because of how hard this challenge is. I'm not going to commit suicide but i'm so afraid of making bad choices since i'm so used to doing it any way. That i'm going to screw up my awakening process. I'm just a simple guy and i love simple things, easy things. I hate life being so hard and i guess i just make it that way because of when i've been taught in life.

I have found out that i'm an empath, indigo Child and an Angelic Human with incredible abilities that i still have to unlock. Anger is one of the problems most indigos go through and sometimes they can't control they're emotions.

Another thing i don't care for are Dramatic events in my life, anything dramatic i don't like. That means jumping off a cliff with a parachute, or climbing a huge mountain, or swimming in a vast ocean. I don't care for dramatic huge storms where you don't have much control over that. I live in a place where we get one bad storm every other 3 years. Except as of lately we are getting them every year now.

That is it i don't like being out of Control of things. So Letting go of all my fear and all my negative emotions and letting go of my dark side has really gotten really hard to do.

Another issue that i used to have is Extreme sexual energy which is very hard to control. I've overcome alot of things but the past still lingers with me. I'm still stuck on some of my eating habits which yes is one of my horrible habits. I just love food. I try to stay away from junk food but i'm a huge sucker for cookies and Chocolate as well as Pizza.

That is very hard for me to change, I don't know if i can really become a vegaterian but i do like some Vegatibles but i still have to eat meat with them for some reason. Even subs are another thing i just love and that has meat in them.

So that is my story, Oh i can say i've become extrememly light now so i don't know why i've become so light as of lately and my awareness is getting a little to over whelming for me. I guess my awareness have been doing alot of expanding on it's own.

My Cats are doing great and they are just been so attached to me. They always put a smile on my face everytime i see them.

You all have a wonderful week and i send all my light and love to you all, You've all been so helpful and understanding with me, and very patient as well.

I'm sure that i'll move on to my next phase sooner or later. There is a Timing for everything and i know my god self has a plan for me to awakened totally to full conscious when the time is right.
At 6:58pm on February 17, 2009, Aaron said…
Hi Everyone, I've really worked on fixing LightworkersUnited and Now it's alot better with a few videos in front of it. I strongly suggest you trying it out and sign up with my network, I know There aren't many people on it but there will be, I'm putting alot of my heart into this one, and still working on my Blog as well.

I'm still volunteering at the Hospital and enjoying every moment of it. I'm not pressuring my self on Ascension but i know it is very important, to focus on my spirituality. Even though i'm very sensitive i tend to use alot of logic and not trust my feelings that much. I'm working on that. As i said in the forum i went to a mayan prophecies class along with learning almost too much knowledge for my mind to handle. I can say that from what i've learn Good things are coming and very rapid to, But change is also right around the corner. Best of all We are going to have first Contact with the Star Nations which is what they like to be called, very very soon Like This year or next year. Doesn't matter how much longer they will show up soon to greet us. Ofcourse they aren't our saviors or helpers, We are the ones that we've been waiting for. We are all going to make it by 2014, much love to you all and god bless you.

Visit Light workers United
At 4:42pm on February 17, 2009, Golden_Angel_K said…
Hey looks renewed man ! it`s beautiful what spiritual work can do for oneself
At 7:57am on January 27, 2009, Aaron said…
An Update on how i'm doing with ascension or enlightenment, I know one thing i'm feeling more love coming out of me even though i get negative dreams, I suppose i'm working alot of things out in my dreams and now becoming very conscious, I know being present is one of the most important things that we all must be. The meditation i had today was like totally incredible just a leap because i'm feeling so joy and love right now. I'm still have my addictions still have my attachments and i have alot of healing to do on the inside. I'm getting so light that yesterday i could've felt like i was going to fall through the floor of the hospital. If i can get over fear and learn who i truly am then i'll be able to change myself on a deeper level and become truly a remarkable loving being. I'm starting to realize that good and evil is not real there is only light and love. The more i start realizing this the more i open up to more light. Polarity is what is holding most of us back in our evolution. That goes for feeling anger, hatred, judgements, guilt, and many more.

I'm still getting dark and negative dreams where i'm like this horrible person, except in the 3d world that's not who i'am. I shot a dog in my dream because it was attacking me and it just layed there in pain. Ofcourse I would never hurt any animal including a rat. I do eat some meats but i don't ever harm any living creatures. So i don't know why i would ever shoot a dog in my dream, even if it was attacking me.

I'm starting to feel more Oneness with myself and i'm starting to understand how it feels. Well my mind can't really comprehend it but i can sense it.

I'm still volunteering at the hospital and that is really making very happy and i really enjoy it, except i wish i could more to help.

I just hope someday i will get my creative ability back since i lost almost all of it when i was a child.
I was very creative back then, but just how this whole thing goes. I got too caught up in the 3d world and forgot how to be creative.

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