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At 6:13pm on February 22, 2019, Venus E. Rose said…

I hope you're having a great day! Normally I send friend requests, but for some reason on this site my Add as Friend link is not working. On my page there are blog posts that explain how to evolve consciousness and achieve new psychic states - such as overcoming all emotional pain forever - a psychic state called Immunity.

At 7:47pm on January 24, 2009, Dana said…
you're welcome Andrea... just know it's available when ever you want... One thing I can tell you is it is definitely as Jim Humble says it is. If there's one thing we can do to put it to the man, this is the one. Good health will definitely screw with those elites who're running the pharmacutical and FDA outfits... I wish you good health and prosperity for all your days :) love Dana
At 10:08am on January 22, 2009, Dana said…
btw it is approximately a 10 month supply in a bottle and the cost is $25 dollars per bottle. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to send you a PM without you accepting my invite... much love to you :) Dana
At 10:06am on January 22, 2009, Dana said…

Hi Andrea... check out this link for some info on what MMS will do. If you'd like to order some from me, just let me know. It takes awhile for transport as it is classified as a hazardous material and is required to be sent by ground post, though it has been tested extensively in that regard and found to be non-hazardous. Just another hurdle set by the elite for the masses to overcome. But where there's a will there's a way :)
At 5:15am on January 14, 2009, Rocanon said…
My pleasure my dear friend, I just posted more music. feel free to take any music you like from my page, I don’t how is possible, but I heard it is, if you can’t I will send it to you
Love and Light

At 12:51am on January 14, 2009, Rocanon said…
It is the theme from The Da Vinci Code, I just posted the link at betina’s but you can have it as well, here it is

At 3:59pm on January 12, 2009, Betina said…
Welcome to Healing:)

Love and Light to you, sister.
At 3:20am on January 9, 2009, Arcturian11 said…
With gratitude, I offer warm thanks, for accepting my offer of friendship. Always a special experience, to connect with Another Soul-I.
With joy, thank you again!
At 7:03pm on December 25, 2008, simpleman said…
At 5:10pm on December 24, 2008, simpleman said…
merry christmas
At 6:40am on December 21, 2008, simpleman said…
Hi Andea, glad you found your way here. Welcome!

(I have along time freind named Andrea, she calls me her brother)

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