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Zionazi defeat now inevitable, Pentagon to turn blind eye as Russia, Iran and Turkey take-out Saudi Arabia - Benjamin Fulford - 02.09.2015

Zionazi defeat now inevitable, Pentagon to turn blind eye as Russia, Iran and Turkey take-out Saudi Arabia - Benjamin Fulford - 02.09.2015

Benjamin Fulford - February 9, 2015: Zionazi defeat now inevitable, Pentagon to turn blind eye as Russia, Iran and Turkey take-out Saudi Arabia

The defeat of the international Zionazi* crime cabal is now inevitable due to rapidly unfolding events around the world, most notably in the Middle East and the Ukraine. The arrest by Germany last week (as reported in this blog) of a US government official carrying billions of dollars in forged US $100 bills destined for the Ukraine has had enormous and ongoing repercussions. The Pentagon contacted this writer to say this was “actionable intelligence.” Hopefully this action will include arrests of all top Zionazis starting with the Bush crime family. We have all waited too long for this to happen already. Remember, Washington D.C. is not actually part of the Republic of the United States of America but is rather a foreign enclave. It is time to remove that cancer from the Republic and restore American independence.

In any case, there are clear signs that this Zionazi cancer is being dealt with elsewhere already.

There is a G20 meeting going on in Turkey which, according to Russian sources, is part of a series of meetings aimed at being the equivalent of the 1945 Yalta conference held by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. It was the Yalta conference that created the post-World War 2 order we still live under. So, the implication is that a series of ongoing meetings will herald the biggest changes in international architecture since the end of World War 2.

These meetings are discussing a total transformation of the current international architecture including the IMF, the World Bank and the UN. Some national boundaries may also be redrawn, notably in the Middle East, the Ukraine and Korea. There is also a determination to permanently end Zionazi mischief.

The discovery that American State Department officials were supplying forged dollars to both sides of the battle in the Eastern Ukraine has already caused Germany and France to split with the Zionazi regime in Washington D.C. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande already met Russia’s Vladimir Putin last week without US approval and are planning on another meeting Wednesday. There is very little leaking in public about the talks but, according to Russian sources, France and Germany are seriously thinking of leaving NATO and creating alternative security arrangements with Russia.

The US official arrested by Germany has spilled the beans on exactly how the Zionazis were orchestrating the civil war in the Ukraine. The Vanguard Corporation, a front for the Federal Reserve Board (according to MI5) has paid mercenaries to kill people on both side of the conflict there so that they would blame it on each other. They also gave money to buy weapons to both sides of the conflict.

This is the same modus operandi they used to destroy Yugoslavia. It is the one also now in operation in Syria and Iraq.

The report of what the Germans discovered in the Ukraine prompted a Japanese government source to tell this writer about a meeting with Agostinho Neto, President of Angola during that country’s civil war. At the time Neto showed him a room filled with $5 billion in cash and told him George Bush Sr. had flown it in on a jumbo jet and told him to use it to buy weapons. This event took place at a time when officially the United States was supporting rebels fighting against Neto’s “communist” regime. You can be sure Bush Sr. was also supplying the rebels with similar funds.

Anti-social behavior by the Zionazis is now being increasingly understood to be the main source of the world’s terrorism and moves are being made to end it once and for all.

The G20 meeting ending today in Turkey comes on the heels of a major security conference that just ended inGermany. Pentagon sources say that already a secret deal has been reached with the Russians, Turks and Iranians that will allow them to take out the regime in Saudi Arabia and force them to pay heavy financial compensation for all the terrorist activities they have sponsored. The Pentagon will not defend the Saudis who they rightfully suspect were one of the main sponsors (together with US based Zionazis) of the 911 terror attacks. They are also pressuring the Zionazi whores in Washington D.C. to release the evidence of Saudi involvement in 911. Of course the Zionazis do not want to do that because they know the Saudis will then point the finger at the fifth columnists in the US led by George Bush Sr., Senator John McCain, John Kerry, etc. Nazis in Israel like Benyamin Netanyahu would also be exposed as being in bed with the Saudis in financing international terror networks.

In any case, the plan to take down the Zionazis in the Middle East has already begun with regime change in Yemen. Now the Island nation of Cyprus, a member of the EU, has allowed Russia to open military bases there. These bases will be used by the Russians for their Middle Eastern operations. The Pentagon is doing their bit by supplying the Lebanese army with weapons they need to fight the Israeli-Saudi backed ISIS mercenary army. The Turks are also now cooperating with the Syrians, Russians and Iranians in a battle to take out not only Saudi Arabia but also Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. The Egyptians have also agreed to cooperate with this effort to remove these kleptocratic, trouble-making regimes, Russian sources say. Israel with eventually become, as mentioned before here, a Jewish autonomous zone within the now forming moderate (Sufi) Islamic federation.

The Zionazi regime in Washington D.C. is also in trouble as it has yet to find a source of financing to keep it going after February 17th. The same is true for the European financial system.

Despite the hyper-inflated stock markets and mindless cheerleading by the corporate propaganda press, indicators of real economic activity show a major deep freeze. The Baltic Dry Index, which measures the price of shipping and is thus a good indicator of trade, is at even lower levels than it was after the 2008 Lehman shock. China has also just announced that its

January foreign trade fell 10.8% compared to the same period a year ago.
This plunge is happening because neither the Europeans nor the Americans have money to buy stuff from the rest of the world. The regime in Washington D.C. continues to lie about its deflation, imploding economy and worse than depression level unemployment. The European banks will have a $100 trillion derivative hole in their accounts when the Greek government makes good on its promise to end debt slavery.

Another indicator of how surreal the situation has become is that, according to MI5, “the Danish banking association says that it has so much cash which was given to the banks in the European Central Bank QE debt creation exercise, that it no longer needs retail deposits and will start charging depositors. It also does not need to make loans.”

Faced with the ongoing implosion of their fraud based financial system the Zionazis are resorting to their trusty old nuclear blackmail card. They started with what seems like a nuclear artillery shell fired in the Ukraine (the Russians say it was a hit on an ammunition factory).

Several e-mails were sent to this writer using complex cabalistic numerology to explain that February 17th would be the day that World War 3 starts. My answer to the cabalists is to remind them this Friday is a Friday the 13th and is thus an auspicious day for rounding up religious maniacs trying to start a world war.

Furthermore, if you think you will be able to fool the pentagon or the Russians or the Chinese into fighting each other, think again. We all know the Russians are close allies with the Chinese. Now we have a headline on the official Chinese government Xinhua news site headline saying “US-China cooperation stronger than ever before.”

Not only are these people no longer being fooled, it also seems the Chinese are learning to use the same sort of trickery the Zionazis use to manipulate public opinion. They staged a plane crash in Taiwan last week that is looking very much like an event that used computer graphics and crisis actors. Take a look at the pictures in this link to see obvious CG glitches and actors coming out of the river the plane landed in with dry hair.

There is also stuff going on that we cannot talk about it yet. However, we can confirm representatives of the White Dragon Society have had friendly meetings during the past week with representatives of Mossad, the P2 Freemason Lodge and the Chinese government. The British also sent an analogue written message of support for White Dragon goals. We are working hard to come up with a win-win solution to make sure 2015, the year of the sheeple, is a great year for the people and other living creatures of this planet.

*The blog previously referred to them as Nazionists but found out the term Zionazi already exists and so, in accordance with linguistic rules, will switch to that phrase


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Comment by Besimi on February 12, 2015 at 1:50pm

Russian Aggression - THE BIG LIE Blasted Worldwide Ad Nauseam

The last question the author of this piece asks, "CAN WORLD WAR III BE STOPPED?"
Good question.
If "history" is an indicator, the answer is yes it can, but the reality is, no it won't.
We shall see.
By Stephen Lendman 
Try imagining one dollar for each time Western officials and presstitute media scoundrels screamed "Russian aggression" daily since US planned, directed and implemented Kiev aggression on Donbas began last April.
Easily enough for round-trip first class travel from any point of departure to any destination several times over.
Plus ground transportation, 5-star hotel accommodations, first-class meals, miscellaneous expenses, with enough left for souvenir trip remembrances.
Big Lies have a life of their own. Circulate worldwide with electronic ease. Printed multiple times daily in Western publications.
Russian aggression, Russian hoards, Russian threats, big bad Russian bear comments infest so-called Western journalism like crabgrass besets lawns.
Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe them. Especially when hard truth narratives are suppressed.
Western propaganda blasts the Big Lies to global viewers, listeners and readers worldwide. Truth is their mortal enemy.
A daily drumbeat of managed news misinformation rubbish drowns out real information and analysis mattering most.
Promotes confrontation with Russia. Risks the unthinkable. Propaganda wars precede hot ones. Blaming victims for perpetrator crimes.
Justifying the unjustifiable. Heading things inexorably toward war with Russia. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond lied saying:
"This man (Putin) has sent troops across an international border and occupied another country's territory in the 21st century acting like some kind of 20th century tyrant."
John Kerry said Western countries are united against "the largest threat that Ukraine faces today, and that is Russia's continued aggression in the east."
"There is no other way to call it…The president is reviewing all of his options. (Including) obviously…providing" Ukraine with greater amounts of heavy weapons than already called "defensive" ones.
Every time Obama, Kerry and other US officials claim America seeks no confrontation with Russia, polar opposite plans are intended.
US policy is consistently hostile. Western dominated Munich Security Conference addresses and discussions were intensely anti-Russian.
At times barely stopping short of urging war. Washington's rage to fight heads inexorably in this direction.
Using Kiev as a dagger targeting Russia. Illegitimate oligarch US-installed stooge president Poroshenko finds new ways to embarrass himself.
Theater substitutes for substance. In Munich, he displayed fake passports. The kind any disreputable printer can produce on request.
Poroshenko claimed they belonged to Russian soldiers aiding Donbas rebels. Russia's military prohibits active duty soldiers from carrying passports.
Poroshenko was caught in one of his many Big Lies. It's hard keeping track of how many. His so-called proof of Russian involvement doesn't exist.
His Munich address was beginning-to-end deception. "Our neighbor has breached international law and annexed a part of our territory," he claimed.
False! No evidence shows Russian violations. No annexation of Ukrainian territory occurred.
Crimeans voted near unanimously to join Russia. Putin accommodated them to reverse a historic error.
"Today, a formerly strategic partner is waging a hybrid war against a sovereign state," said Poroshenko.
False! No evidence whatever supports his Big Lie. Plenty shows blatant Kiev aggression against Donbas.
Targeting hospitals, schools, residential areas, city streets. Murdering civilians in cold blood. Committing atrocities. Using banned weapons.
Not a single MSM report explains what's vital to know. Nor a single Western official.
Instead, Poroshenko's Big Lies about Ukraine's border areas "swarming with Russian tanks, armed personnel carriers, artillery, multiple rocket-launchers and ammunition" are accepted as gospel.
Despite no evidence proving his claims. Or similar ones from Western capitals or Munich discussions.
Poroshenko Big Lies sound like bad fiction. Nonexistent Russian "aggression has opened a Pandora's Box for the international security," he claimed.
He irresponsibly blamed Moscow for one Kiev high crime after another. Talking peace while waging naked aggression against his own citizens.
"We must defend our land," he says. Growing numbers of Ukrainians want it defended against fascist thugs in charge.
Poroshenko's so-called peace plan is escalated dirty war without mercy. So-called "concrete steps" he supports risk embroiling the entire continent in conflict.
His "diplomatic solution" is naked aggression. His notion of "stop(ping) bloodshed" is shedding more.
His claim about "restoration of peace (as his) ultimate goal" is polar opposite his policy. Ukraine needs "greater…military support," he said.
More weapons, heavier ones, for escalated war, greater bloodshed, naked aggression taken to a higher level.
His notion of "ceasefire" is none at all. How many Donbas civilians died while he spoke?
How much more mass slaughter and destruction does he have in mind? How many more Big Lies will he tell justifying it?
Russia's Foreign Ministry said Kerry and Lavrov met in Munich. "(D)iscussed a wide range of issues related to Russian-US relations."
"Lavrov stressed that building up confrontation with an aim to put pressure on Russia with sanctions was futureless."
"We are not going to give up our national interests and fundamental stance on the key issues," he stressed.
"At the same time, the Russian side is ready for constructive interaction with the United States both in the sphere of bilateral relations and in the international arena where our countries bear special responsibility for global stability."
Impossible because Washington wants war, not peace. Confrontation, not diplomatic resolution.
Kerry rhetorically supports resolving Ukrainian crisis conditions responsibly. US policies are polar opposite.
Munich Security Conference (MSC) chairman Wolfgang Ischinger's closing remarks claimed addresses and discussions "offer(ed) a platform for more intense and more balanced (ones) than in other places."
He ignored three days of intense, one-sided, irresponsible Russia bashing. This year's MSC was a platform for proliferating hate-mongering Big Lies.
Heading things dangerously toward East/West confrontation. Perhaps it's a major US-instigated false flag away.
Expect failed Moscow peace talks to be blamed on Putin. Discussions continued by phone on Sunday.
Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said "(w)ork will continue and its preliminary results will be summed up next Sunday during a summit-level telephone conversation to be held in the 'Normandy format.' "
The procedure established last June when Russian, French, German and Ukrainian presidents met on the sidelines of the 70th anniversary of allied forces landing in Normandy, France.
The beginning of Europe's liberation. Suffering since under the yoke of US dominance. More than ever now.
Peskov said "a possible joint document on implementation of the Minsks agreements is being" prepared. It'll include German, French, Russian and Ukrainian proposals.
Specifics aren't known. Other than French media quoting Hollande saying "quite strong" Donbas autonomy was proposed.
As well as a 50 - 70 km demilitarized zone on each side of the current front line. The devil is in the details.
Donetsk and Lugansk are self-declared republics. Free from fascist rule. Democratically governed.
Not about to relinquish hard-won gains. Nor should they. So far, it appears they were consulted on Moscow's proposals.
How is peace possible with one side excluded from discussions? Most important are Washington's intentions. Obama didn't wage proxy war on Donbas to quit.
At this time, chances for meaningful peace look virtually nil. Whatever is agreed on, if anything, means nothing if Obama doesn't call off his dogs.
Plans are to escalate conflict, not end it. Washington intends sending more heavy weapons than already.
Increasing numbers of US-led NATO forces encroach near Russia's borders. Alliance Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced new "spearhead force" plans.
To make NATO "forces more ready and more responsive…(S)trengthen our existing NATO Response Force…(T)o be deployed in a matter of days" if needed.
In six Eastern so-called front line states bordering Russia or close to it. Deliberately provoking Moscow to respond. Risking open confrontation.
Apparently what Washington wants. How Putin reacts remains to be seen. His red line isn't clear.
He's likely only to tolerate so much before acting. The fullness of time will explain more than what's already known.
Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko plan meeting on February 11 in Minisk. Continuing what they began in Moscow.
Working on measures all sides can accept. It bears repeating. Chances for success are virtually nil.
As long as Washington wants war, peace is pure fantasy. Expect escalated war, not conflict resolution.
No matter what document follow's Minsk's meeting. It's effectiveness depends on the will of its signatories.
A previous article discussed Obama wanting congressional authorization for unlimited war. IS is the pretext.
Syria, Donbas and Russia the targets. Regime change the objectives. Will Washington risk global war?
Will madness overcome reason? Will European nations keep supporting what may destroy them? Can WW III be stopped?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached
His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III." 

Visit his blog site at
Comment by Besimi on February 12, 2015 at 1:48pm

The Alternative Daily: Has the Federal Government Finally Ended Marijuana Prohibition? Feb 9 by Wes Annac

The Alternative Daily, February 8, 2015

As most of us well know, over half of the states in the US have passed medical marijuana legislation over the past few years – and Colorado and Washington have taken it a step further and allowed recreational use.

Amongst all of these new state laws, there has been a fear that federal law, which still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, would trump these laws if it came down to a conflict. In past years, some dispensaries considered legal under state laws have been raided by federal agents, citing an overarching federal ban.

However, it seems that many of these fears can now be put to rest. Last December, a portion of the new federal spending measure reportedly included a section which would bar federal agents from interfering in marijuana retail operations in states where they are legalized.

Specifically, under the new bill, the Justice Department of the federal government will no longer be able to utilize funds to enforce the federal ban on the growth and sale of marijuana in states where it has been legalized for medical purposes.

While nothing has been set in stone, according to reports, this is a huge step, and indicates the changing federal attitudes towards this long-demonized natural substance.

According to Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican co-author of the measure from Costa Mesa, California, “this is a victory for so many… the first time in decades that the federal government has curtailed its oppressive prohibition of marijuana.”

pianta di marijuanaAs we have reported in the past, medical marijana has been found to be signifcantly beneficial for a wide range of conditions, including seizure disorders, HIV, and certain cancers, including aggressive brain cancers. It seems that the more we learn about this plant, the less reason we have to fear it: if used responsibly, marijuana can likely do a lot of good for humanity.

Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance, calls this new measure a “historic move.” He states, “the war on medical marijuana is over. Now the fight moves on to legalization of all marijuana. This is the strongest signal we have received from Congress [that] the politics have really shifted.”

Piper adds, “Congress has been slow to catch up with the states and American people, but it is catching up.”

We say, it’s about time!

-The Alternative Daily

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