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Your Gaze Heavenletters Via Gloria Wendroff

Your Gaze
Via Gloria Wendroff

God said (to me):

I am the Truthsayer. Be you the Truth-hearer. Be you the quiet listener.

It is so easy to know Me. It is so easy you pass it by. You are used to difficult.

I come not as a parade. No tubas announce Me. No tumblers. No baton-twirler. It’s just I am here. Not suddenly. Just finally noticed.

No signal-flares go off. The sun does not suddenly descend. Its light has always been upon you. When you want to see Heaven, you just have to look up. Look far and look high, and you see Heaven. I am there, here. Look close, and I am in closeness also.

Cast a glance My way. It is not My attention that you have to catch. It is yours.

There are no signal-flares of Me on earth, but I am on earth, and there are signals of Me. You are one of them....+

Your Gaze
Your Gaze
Search for Truth ... And the Truth Shall Set You Free! Believe In Yourself! There is only LOVE! We are all ONE! TRUST IN INTERNAL INTUITION!

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