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You’ve Always Had Heart
Life Tapestry Creations
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman
for LifeTapestry,

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you are concerned you are not doing enough. Or that the new earth is not arriving fast enough or at all.

Please stop worrying. Worrying does not increase the speed of the changes, nor does it provide a comfortable life for you or those close to you. All is shifting according to plan – the plan you created with the assistance of beings from multiple universal arenas.

You completed your two major new earth roles – helping the earth shift and allowing yourself to change from an outer-directed to an inner-directed being.

Many of you respond that the daily news is filled with horrors you hoped never to experience in this lifetime. Such is so because the old world is crumbling – but not easily. It is as if the earth is a thick cement wall you must pound over and over again with a giant tool to destroy. The chips in that cement wall are becoming larger chunks, so the pounding is nearly over.

Agenda items that were acceptable even a few years ago are no longer. The cry of “Where is the heart?” is becoming louder. Extreme financial worth, outer-directed power, and glib talk seem less exciting or even worthwhile. “Where’s the heart?” is becoming the earth’s demand.+++

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