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You Carry Great Light Heavenletters Via Gloria Wendroff

You Carry Great Light
Via Gloria Wendroff

God said:

Never again think of yourself as a weak being, for that never was so, and it most assuredly is not so now. As you think of yourself, so will you be. Think more highly of yourself, and you will be nearer to truth.

You do desire truth, don’t you? We are not talking about nice words to puff up your ego. I do not give a pat on the back to soothe you. I am a Teller of Truth. You are as strong as you permit yourself to be.

You continue to think of the truth of yourself as something off-key, something shady, something unpresentable, something to be hidden, something deformed, unworthy to be presented. But you have hidden the real truth of yourself from yourself and therefore from the world. This is closest to sin that I know, to relegate a child of God to the closet.

I take attendance, and now it is time for you to come forward and claim your place. I call your name, and now you answer, head up, shoulders back, spine straight. Walk over to My side. There is ever room for you. I have been waiting for you to claim your place for a long time. No one else can take it...+

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