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Yom Kippur - Liar's Holliday - by Michael Hoffman

Yom Kippur Today Gives Jews Permission to Deceive

September 29, 2017

Yom Kippur begins Friday Evening. 
While less than a third of Jews attend Yom Kippur services, even fewer understand the prayer which confirms the true 
satanic nature of Judaism.
The NWO has succeeded largely because of their mastery
of deception and their control of the mass media.  
Related:  Jewish website marvels that being an observant Jew was not an impediment to a life of crime.  On the contrary... 
Jews challenge Hoffman interpretation:  Antisemitism and the Kol Nidre Myth
"Little of this harsh reality will surface in the next few days, however. Instead, the corporate media will spout warm and fuzzy shibboleths about Yom Kippur as part of the sly masquerade by which Judaism ascends ever higher over the West, while its adherents sink ever lower in moral turpitude."
by Michael Hoffman 

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