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I came across this great written piece by James Gilliand. It mirrors many of my own beliefs, but he expresses it much better than I could. (I added the quote at the top). Enjoy!
"Remember that your influence begins with you and ripples outward. So be sure that your influence is both potent and wholesome. How do I know this works? All growth spreads outward from a fertile and potent nucleus. You are a nucleus." - John Heider, The Tao of Leadership
James Gilliand-- Heaven is Coming to Earth
June 20 2010

Heaven Is Coming To Earth...It Is 'Our Destiny' ~

With Love from my heart to yours.....Emerald.

Like most children we had it all upon entering the Earth. We were sensitive, loving, compassionate, could see the other planes and
dimensions and entities--some loving, some not so loving. Many did not
have the luxury of being raised by enlightened parents who nurtured
those qualities. Most, to one or another, had those qualities
driven out of them by their families, their peers, and society in
general. These are the qualities of the Spirit, God, the Creator within
all of us, yet it has been driven out, made into an image far, far away
on some distant plane or dimension. The one consciousness that
encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions, the
omnipresent God, has been separated by religions and governments into
chosen ones, elite groups and in extreme cases demonizing and
condemning all other groups. This is the root cause for war,
destruction of the environment, greed and profit at the expense of
others, "Humanity and the Earth."

Because of love, compassion and empathy, many who have awakened to
their true nature and the gifts they once had as a child can see
clearly that certain forces have been allowed to run amuck. Allowing is
a noble trait, yet there is a limit to allowing, and those who have run
amuck often see the love, compassion, non judging and allowing
attributes as a weakness. In these cases tough love is necessary for
that is all they understand. Boundaries must be set, rules and
regulations made for those who do not operate from the heart, and
universal principles and understandings must be implemented for a
healthy society and environment. It is hard for those who are centered
in love, joy and compassion to say no or take a stand with those who
have chosen a different path. Theirs is a path of competition over
cooperation, selfishness over service, and the desire for power over
others instead of empowerment. There those who are so deeply wounded,
rather than face their wounds, project them into the outer world. The
closer they get to their healing, the more they lash out and demonize
all those around them. Those who know and can help often become the
targets of those heavily invested in the ego. What better for the
ego than to take down the light workers, the greater the light the
bigger the prize. We are seeing this in the micro and macrocosm. There
comes a time where the limit to allowing exceeds even the most loving
and benevolent beings and a time for action is necessary. Now is that
time. It is time for all to stand tall, act with impeccable integrity,
remain in your self authority in all circumstances and allow the God
within to come forward. This is the omnipresent God within all
Creation, the ultimate power of the universe which is love.
There is a saying being a Christ does not mean being a doormat. It
means maintaining self authority, acting with impeccable integrity in
service to Creation, the omnipresent Creator in all creation. It means
transcending all religious and cultural boundaries for love has no
boundaries. There are those who have chosen a different path, the
downward spiral of evolution, and they desire to conquer and control.
Their lust for power and wealth has no end, and life in all forms has
no value or meaning if it stands in the way of their goals. It is time
to awaken to the fact that they are here despite our denials and be lie
fs, and we have allowed it. Many have been willing participants in
these institutions and organizations.

Their time is coming to a close as well as their empires.

They are unsustainable and it is time for those who are aligned with these empires to take stock in their actions, reactions, and question
whether or not they are in service to self or others. The vast majority
of these institutions are in service to the institutions with profit as
the manifesting force or drive in their decisions and actions. The
world is governed by three men, one of which died with thirteen
families underneath them. Below that is the Oil industry, the
Pharmaceutical industry, and the War industry, all of which they are
heavily invested. They are war and disease profiteers, which is why you
do not have fueless energy, the cure for most diseases and peace.
Chemtrails, HAARP, Woodpeckar, Scaler weapons, weapons grade
biologicals such as the recent flu epidemics etc are all examples of
irresponsible use of technology with no respect for life human or
otherwise. This is the macrocosm yet each and every one of us has the
same challenges in our microcosm. Each and every one of us has allowed
others to deceive, manipulate, and lead us away from our true nature,
which we knew as a child. Each and every one of us have been mislead
and manipulated into being willing participants in be lie fs and
actions in direct opposition to what we know in our heart of hearts. A
compromised media owned and operated by the very same elite has been
very successful in creating fear, separation and againstness, keeping
the threat and necessity for large governments, war industries and
other agencies to continue well funded. The wars and rumors of wars
have been set into motion far in advance sometimes several years of
preparation and disinformation were necessary to prepare the masses.

Now is the time for all to awaken and heal, live according to the universal principles necessary for a healthy society and environment.
Find the courage and impeccable integrity to end all actions that are
harmful to humanity and the Earth. It is said that one must become like
a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Love, compassion, pure intent,
open mind and loving heart are prerequisites.
Heaven is coming to Earth. It is inspired and orchestrated by vast
beings, masters, saints and sages, and yes, even some off-worlders and
ultradimensionals. It is a destiny no man can stop and the old grid is
falling apart and torn down.

Consciousness is the cause, and a higher consciousness and energy is prevailing upon the Earth which means an end to the old world, its
institutions and governments which perpetuate fear, separation and
actions against humanity and the Earth. Which world are you supporting?
Which world are you in alignment with? Which world do you base your
security upon for one world is ending and the other will go on and on
yet not without a cleansing?
We need to our personal world first then find the courage and
integrity to maintain our self authority, say what needs to be said,
set boundaries and then move on to the macrocosm. It is out of love for
humanity and Earth these changes are coming for a major housecleaning
is in order. The action/reaction principle will be quickened, the true
meaning of apocalypse is the great uncovering and all will be made
known. There are those that will greet this process with violent
opposition and egos with such an investment on being right and in
control they will do all they can to continue. They will be found in
all walks of life, in all institutions and even in your own personal
life. It is going to take a lot of tough love and courage to take one's
stand. There will be sadness, dread, often separations and releases,
yet there is a greater good on the other side. We can and will have
Heaven on Earth. We have a divine right to live a thoroughly loving,
joyous, abundant life in freedom in service to the Creator within all
Creation. There is no separation in omnipresence. Thou Shalt not Kill
had no addendums and the law of Karma or action/reaction is still in
effect. What one does to the least of my breathen, "all life" one does
to God. This shall all be made known in the quickening which is well
Choose wisely in thought and action for it will determine your tomorrow.
Be well,
James Gilliland .
Permission granted in advance to send far and wide.

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