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Woo Guy – Woo Are You?
By Cliff High

Woo Are You?

Human? Flat? Or Exceptional?

Planet Earth is big, and has many humans living on it.

Humans walk around with very exquisitely sensitive, micro-crystalline antenna surrounded by wave guiding, resonating chamber (brains in skulls) on top of their necks.

Further, humans have long threads of radiation receptive nerve fiber throughout their torso, the Vagus Nervous System.

These receptive nerve fibers connect into their brains.

As some humans as scientists such as V. Vernadsky, and R. Sheldrake, have confirmed, humans are highly efficient, selective receivers of very weak forms of radiation.

It is a survival factor, an advantage provided by universe, that, thanks to social engineering, is mostly ignored, and denigrated out of our life experience.

The social engineering by the Khazarian Mafia, the pretend Jews, has been on-going for centuries with the intent of altering our perceptions of what it is to be human.+++

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