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The true focus of the fifth interview isn’t the scientific definition of the Hologram of Deception, but rather how we can free ourselves from its pervasive and illusory presence. The Sovereign Integral process is defined in this interview in detail, but you may have to read carefully to hear and understand it. This process is truly the centerpiece of the fifth interview. Whatever philosophical perspective you wish to attach to this information, bear in mind that it is shared in the spirit of oneness and equality, and that the Sovereign Integral process is a decidedly experiential practice.

- James
Excerpt from the Introduction,
The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda

The five interviews of Dr. Jamisson Neruda are an extension of the Ancient Arrow Project novel. The first three interviews are contained on the First Source disc, the fourth interview was released in November 2002, about a year following the release of the disc, and the fifth interview was released in April 2014.

The framework of these interviews is that Dr. Neruda has defected from the Advance Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) because his unique connection with the WingMakers has persuaded him that they hold the keys to humanity’s ability to attain The Grand Portal—the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. His defection from the ACIO ultimately leads him to a journalist whom he contacts as a means to tell his story and get it out to the media.

In each of the five Neruda interviews, Dr. Neruda is being interviewed by a journalist named Sarah. Sarah skillfully draws out the details of the ACIO, what it’s like to work for a secret organization whose focus is to reverse-engineer recovered extraterrestrial technologies, but then, in the fifth and final interview, a powerful twist occurs—the hologram of deception (reality) is unmasked.

For approximately 15 years the fifth interview was withheld, for reasons that were never disclosed, though many people asked about its disposition. James has intimated that the content of the fifth interview was radical, and would be released when the timing was right. The five interviews constitute an important part of the WingMakers materials in terms of defining the technology transfer program, the cabal behind the government, the hologram of deception and perhaps most important of all, the Sovereign Integral process and the true meaning of The Grand Portal.

The interviews are available at the bottom of this page in Adobe PDF format, or can be read in their entirety on the webpage below. In the case of the fifth interview, it is recommended that you download the PDF version, as it has the full introduction. The appendix includes diagrams and instructions on Quantum Pause. These are helpful to understanding the Sovereign Integral process and practicing it.

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Comment by Besimi on February 26, 2015 at 4:03pm

I can show you a library of books that expound on esoteric information. Some of these books were written as nonfiction, and by all appearances they seem to be credible and insightful, and yet if you listen carefully to the words, you see how they are separating you from one another.

How they define a Hierarchy. How they define a soul that is always learning, a human that is always sinning and weak. How they describe a universe that is infinitely layered. How the light illuminates those who follow certain practices. It can be very subtle. They can be talking about oneness, but there are judgments present in the words, or recriminations if you don’t execute the practice properly, or suggestions that you don’t mix this practice with anything else or it is diminished, or join and promote this path over that one.

“Part of the Sovereign Integral process is to practice your discernment of what enables you to believe in you, not the universe or some master or teaching, but you, stripped bare of all of your add-ons, beliefs, thought patterns, fears, guilt, stories, judgments, blames, pretenses... everything that hangs on you from the past. If you could drop them all—everything you have been taught and told and programmed to believe—what would be left to hear?


Deep, clear silence.

That is you.



The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda exposes a fundamental deception that affects humanity across every dimension of life. This deception is that our three-dimensional reality and human consciousness have been programmed to be perceived as real, when they are not.

This is clearly a very bold assertion, and is not made lightly.

In this fifth interview, Dr. Neruda explains the forces behind this deception, what their agenda is, how humanity has been enslaved from its inception to today, and what we can do about it. It is, understandably, an unsettling narrative. After all, it exposes a reality where humans are biological hosts of infinite beings, suppressed by deceptive programs designed by entities from a different dimension. Humanity is unaware that we live in a designed reality, and that that designed reality includes... everything.

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