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I found this to be interesting, as many expect first contact with our space family, to be imminent.

With so much information springing up from so many different sources, it would not surprise me at all!

Here is a snip;

"This particular crop circle symbol depicts the upcoming mass decloaking of all the Lightships in our vector of space that will make themselves visible at the same time. This will be easily observed by every human being upon the face of the Planet and those that might be flying through the air. This event is scheduled to begin in November 2009. This event is ready to occur at any moment. Humanity will Awaken in the masses upon seeing these Lightships floating majestically and beautifully all around them in the skies and in the Earth’s atmosphere. No matter where on Earth you as a Human might be, you WILL see this event."

The whole article

The Earth is Wonder Full.

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Comment by simpleman on November 5, 2009 at 6:15pm
I get the same feeling too, Jose. Also, there have been no chemtrails here since last thursday. Clear sky all the way. Now thats strange.

Chek out this:

"The Final Mayan Calendar Steps to 2012:
November 8, 2009, The Beginning of the Sixth Night"

The new world of 2012 is not something that simply will drop down on us ready made from the sky.
It is something that is created step by step through the various phases, so called days and nights,
of the Mayan calendar that we are living through also at the current time and requires our active and conscious participation in the process as co-creators of this new world. In stark contrast to the media focus on a singular date and the end of the world that this purportedly will bring the only existing inscription about the end of the calendar from ancient Mayan times speak of the simultaneous manifestation of Nine different cosmic forces quite. The Mayan calendar is a description of the exact rhythm with which these cosmic forces are manifesting and so the study of this is critical for anyone seriously wanting to use it for understanding the cosmic plan and how the birth of a new world will take place. What humanity is now immediately facing is the beginning of the sixth night, November 8, 2009 - November 2, 2010, a time period that, as part of this cosmic plan, may be expected to be very transformative but also very demanding through its effects on the world's economic system. A night implies a "quantum jump" to a lower energy state of the universe and this one seems likely to bring a significant fall of the American dollar and an associated downturn in the economy. This is discussed in more detail in the enclosed article ( ). While this is likely to bring hardships it also creates the path to a new world where the emphasis will not be on doing, but on being, being in peace and harmony. Difficulties will however arise for us to achieve this if we try to hold on to the systems of the past and fail to flow in the direction that the cosmic plan is taking us. This raises the question as to how we may approach and relate to this time period in the most constructive way.

Carl Johan Calleman
( )

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