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June 16, 2010

This is a question that is well worth examining from many different angles. Who is in charge of the humans, do humans need handlers/controllers? Humans are hard wired to be controlled; hard wired for slavery. Because of this the vast majority readily accept the need for control by government, corporations, religion/spiritual constructs and education. These systems are presented to us from birth as separate forces through which our lives are subtly restricted and controlled.

It is clear that this kind of hard wiring convinces us to relinquish our power to those who have hypnotized us into believing that they know what is best for us. Guidance from our parents is certainly essential upon entering this realm of forgetfulness. However the above systems of control have acted as an extension of the guidance of our parents. Reality as experienced from its more basic and common levels is a unique cult experience (yes I said cult experience) as we sway to subtle tones of conformity. We cling dearly to common actions, common possibilities and common results. Even our scientists struggle with pushing the envelope and there are those who have suffered great ridicule or worse for birthing new possibilities although not yet proven. (Unless of course such discoveries can be used to more easily enslave). “Cultures” are models of a much vaster cult experience. Within any culture there are prototypes or standards by which this “cultural system” will operate. It therefore challenges a mind born, raised and shaped completely by one culture or ideal in functioning in newly introduced cultures. Our brains are wired to the hologram of cultural norms and acceptability’s. It is for this reason that we are wired to fight and to defend the nerve center of our hologram which for many is the culture associated with their land or community. Humans are all about timing as we appear to be on cyclic timers determining the surge of new concepts and ideas which will emerge with gradual acceptance at first by a few and eventually by all. We are on the brink of a massive technological upsurge. This coincides with the much emphasized Mayan prophecies centered on the year 2012 and that which comes afterward.

We have been taught to honor the cycles as our ancestors have but it’s evident that unless we can connect with planetary history some million years ago we will continue to run into dead ends leading us back to a reconfigured concept of earth. I am speaking of frequencies which create a distinct field of limited experiences for a human being. We are operating in a field of tones which assist in rendering levels of the brain inaccessible. Just as we can only see colors within the scope of the field created for us to operate within, when we listen to certain kinds of music which is elevating to the spirit and to the brain we are only hearing and experiencing a limited scope of the dimensions of those tones; the frequencies of those tones. Keep in mind that this is all within the expression of the game. The purpose of such observation is to stimulate the mind beyond this isolated and captivating playing field held together by our own minds. The cycles determine a potential collective shift in humans becoming increasingly self-aware or as we say an evolution in consciousness. This acceptance is widespread as much is heard about the shift in consciousness for the planet. So should one honestly examine these observations you will realize precisely what I have expressed. We are excited about the possibility of experiencing something new other than the feeling of spiritual and physical helplessness so we delight in the possibility of the ending and beginning of a new cycle. But can we stop for a moment to examine the nature of the wheel that we have rendered ourselves powerless to? It’s as if humanity is caught on a hamster wheel. Most of our observation is centered on the general movement of the cosmic system. Yes examine that word carefully, “system”. Our consciousness is wired to a timed cosmic system. Wikipedia: “The term system may also refer to a set of rules that governs behavior or structure”.

Atlantis is a system program a code strongly responsible for the energy field of intercepting tones which ensure the imprisonment of the mind in this field of limitation. Is this farfetched? No because those kinds of experiments are being carried out by humans on the planet at this time. This is the age of technological advancements. The question is were these cycles orchestrated and preset to impact the human wiring, the human programming, the brain, the mind based on a specific time; of course “time” as determined by the number of cycles in rotation. A specific response is triggered by the ending and beginning of each period; simply another experiment within the human game. The entire cosmic system within which we are confined appears to be intricately designed and upon contact with the harmonics (hormones/chemicals) of the human vehicle a psychedelic experience is triggered presenting us with a pre recorded construct of the reality we are now addicted to. However due to unique chemical signatures each being is able to construct his/her own version of reality who’s core foundation will always be rooted in the general cosmic system coding. To better understand the movement of the cyclic process and its impact on our lives here is a quote from a three part workshop I did in February 2010 titled Hacking the Mind & Breaking Reality Code (the full 7 hours is available for download or CD & DVD);

“The concept of a Human being is a program setup to allow the existence of the life of human beings to run/live for a predestined number of cycles, regulated by the moon.

Although most people are aware of the passing of cycles and their general effect on human life they are not aware of the true nature of the boundaries set by these cycles. We are not aware of a programmed confinement to the general blueprint or program. The most obvious cyclic regulators from our limited vision are the sun and the moon. These cycle regulators are streaming the programs based on the blueprint or program. Our bodies are dependent on the sun and the moon. They completely regulate our sleeping and waking cycles. They regulate chemical transitions such as the synthesizing of the neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. The daylight brings us Serotonin and the night time brings us melatonin. The brain responds to the light change. These cycles put us to bed and they wake us up. They also keep track of our life cycle more specifically the moon. You may wander as I did how it is that the body knows to start puberty after so many cycles or birthdays, how does the body know to start shutting you down. The individual cycles are determined by the planetary alignment at the time of the birth of each program/human, each program is generated intentionally based on a particular zodiacal cycle according to the history of the program stream associated with the genetic lineage through which the individual (program) will emerge along the history stored in the holographic record keeper called the soul.

Our bodies are tied into the calendar cycles based on the movement of the planet based on the moon cycle and the impact of all other planets in our orbit, solar system, the entire scape/landscape backdrop seen and unseen it’s all a programmed reality relating to our experience as a human being. The universe as we know it is a holographic system within which all of its components are then holographic. The hologram is a program. Everything is moving and tied into the cycles of this holographic machine. It’s a dreamscape. To participate in the experience of this holographic dream world without losing sight of one’s memory one must become a conscious animator of one’s vehicle/body and dream experience. What I have come to realize even more profoundly is the manner in which our entire physical experience is programmed into to this holographic experience, as I indicated before we are a program a running program in the program of the hologram, we are running programs”

So let’s take it a step further. Let’s examine this vast playground of beings centered around the game of earth. Is it possible that this shift is really about the dying away of gurus, guides, savors and our old concepts of ascended masters. Is it possible that there is a struggle to keep the general populous from awakening to the fact they are no longer needed. What if this is a window of opportunity that will remove the veil for a brief moment for those who are open to seeing the illusion of the game and the hypnotizers of humanity; those who wired humans with the savor program and the external god program. When you examine the Lord Maitreya movement, they have constructed an entire school based on the opportunity for students to step up and assume various cosmic offices not unlike the office of the Christ held by Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara or as overseers of the planet. There is also the office of the “god” of the planet. Everyone wants to be in charge of earth. Now all of these beings report back to a “god” so the question is, who is it that they report to. There is an actual distinctly advanced force to which they report and it is their job to bring everyone else, such as us, into the fold of this specific force. Here we have the lightworkers. They have been brought into the light as defined by the masters who rule, what level/aspect of light are they dealing with. One may say that this is utter nonsense and another may be quite on board for this. Now I heard such comments as “this is just ridiculous as Jesus is the true light of the world and he is coming back”, I have also heard this is correct because St Germain said so or Archangel Michael said so. Well what do you say? You are equally as great as all these forces presented to you. The psychology of this kind of brain washing is staggering yet it can be seen in all of our daily lives.

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