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Where your Thoughts Dwell Heavenletters Via Gloria Wendroff

Where your Thoughts Dwell
Via Gloria Wendroff

God said:

You have to get out of thoughts about yourself, not because you have to be unselfish, but because thoughts about yourself are on a limited track. You can go only so far with thoughts about yourself. They are in a one-way direction, or they go round and round in a small circle. You must break out of thoughts about yourself because they are fruitless and they keep you away from larger fields of greater thought. The smaller your thoughts are, the less happy you are, and thoughts pursued about your own life are small.

You deliberate about your individual life when you can be expanding your attention to the stars.

Consider life like a dipping sauce. You dip your bread in, and you also take it out. Do not keep your bread immersed in the circumference of the dipping sauce. Let it out as well.

Fling your thoughts out in an ever-widening circle. Your attention is a gift to the universe.

It is too easy to get caught in the blind trap of your own problems. There will never be an end to them through preoccupation. Your thoughts do not remove problems...+

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