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THE BASICS in my true expression!

I have made an Audio version of this Blog, it is on my mp3 playlist - 17m:33s

Expression, is something that was always lacking for me in early childhood, this was because I did not understand who or what my purpose was, it has taken me nearly 50 years of my life in fact about 44 years to find my true purpose and why I am here. Most of those early years I was in conflict with my self and spent many hours just trying to figure out why am I here? It seemed daunting to me because I felt powerless and did not feel any of my many talents were worthy or of any good use, my focus and my determination always seemed to fall short until the truth came to me that I am here not to serve my self but to help others then things started to feel right my sense of who I am began to take on a true form my truth said I am a healer, and someone to guide those into finding their own truth also. Not by dictating or lecturing them my principles but by helping them to find their own truth's.

So since September 2008 when my healing ability began to take form, and combined with my counselling courses which are ongoing based on the works of Carl Rogers which is about Congruence, Unconditional Positive Self Regard, etc. and what our body and consciousness tells us is right for us I have started to merge these 2 aspects of study together and learn both spiritual and counselling at the same time so I can get a good balance between the physical, psychological, aspects of emotional counselling skills and the new discoveries, experiences, from higher spiritual guidance. So far both seem to resonate with me in a kind of harmony that brings a great deal of peace and contentment to me, most notably is that it has allowed me to dismiss some earlier belief systems that I discovered served only as blockage's and did not serve me in what is called "Organismic Valuing" I will add some quotations a little later to help you to understand what this actually means.

This Blog is not to do with giving advice, but is to do with what I feel is my truth so far, however my Studies are ongoing so please bare in mind that my feeling's and self belief system may change and mature even more over time, and I may make more amendments to this blog as I develop new perspectives.

My focus is more so on the LOVE aspect plus "Unconditional Positive Self Regard" of other individual's, and respect for all beings that have had a life experience unique to themselves, as we are all indeed unique in our soul journeys, we can all learn something from each other in what can be referred to as "conditions of worth" we can all teach, however we must always respect that others might have an fundamental internal belief system which is of a primary emotional supporting nature to the sense of security of that individual, if trying to undermine the other persons fundamental beliefs, which may ride on deep seated past experience's this is akin to an attack upon them. Theirs may very well be nothing quite the same as ours, so we should always show the individual unconditional positive self regard and express Love toward that person/soul.

Allow the individual's we nurture into area's of self exploration and understanding, because to find out our purpose we must first know who we are, without knowing who we are we do not recognise what the purpose of our abilities we have are for. All to often those who ask the questions why am I here, what is it all for? They are the one's who are not ready to take on the tasks that lay ahead of them simply because they are not focused on any one mission in life, it is often this fragmentary thought process that leads into conflict with others, views idea's are not often well thought out because they are seated upon a flawed basic set of rules taught to them by another's reality that is not in harmony to who they truly are or their true purpose, their soul may wish for them to undertake a completely different path but blockages may be present which prevent them from seeing this path forward. We must therefore not force and lecture anyone what it is, they must do this for themselves - we can help them by asking them explicit open questions they might never have thought to ask themselves, not because we wish to be invasive but because this is the only way to drag out of the way all those old thought forms that are their to hold us captive.

Open question's do allow people to find their truth through self exploration, (example's: How do you feel? What do you think it is that made you so angry? How did this start? Etc) but only if they agree to this kind of exploratory journey in self discovery, I have to say when I do these same kinds of exploration in my studies they are often so profound and the area's that are touched are often things that never occurred to me previously simply because of blocks I had put there, if we can work out these blockages together in ways that are not to invasive, we can have harmony in finding our truths and it would be so wonderful.

LEADING QUESTIONS! I.E. Directive Questioning

The next avenue, I would like to express is Directive exploration! This is the most common type of questioning we are exposed to everyday, the majority of quiz shows on television for example use directive type questions by offering us a choice, i.e. one question with several answers displayed on a board. These types of questions are DIRECTIVE and do not truly allow a person the focus on self exploration and are a limiting factor of the type's of understanding we might otherwise have had, and these often promote guesswork, this is not good in many cases because it limits our abilities to use our brain and higher consciousness in constructive exploratory ways because we see the answer must be the one presented to us, therefore a guess is often the easiest approach or inner guidance, or recollection even of a former answer taught to us in schools which does not mean it is or WAS our truth.

The media plays a very large role in influencing our thought processes, and decision making abilities. Presenting us with information that is not necessarily founded on a solid basis of fact, can inherently create confusion and poor judgment. Especially if it is mostly based from a DIRECTIVE presentation of information, we must always remember all knowledge come's from other sources even this blog I am writing started from the works of what others believe to be the truth. So how can we find our truth really? Well the fact is we all live on the same planet, we all share some common interests so why not start with the basics, let us go back to what it is we really want and I am not talking about money this is a high level aspect imposed on us through dependency.

What is it we truly seek? (Open Question) Perhaps the answer we come up with will be a reflection based on the underlying belief system.

I often wonder if TV shows are a system of monitoring the collective educational system, to probe how well the collective have absorbed information that was dealt to us to create a hive mind mentality based on a system of truth that can never truly be our own truth. Having such a system will often stimulate conflict within self, especially if it is of a higher order of differential to our baseline truth more especially so it will be, these extremes can invariably become deep rooted in our minds as the years pass they become more anchored in our psyche, we often build higher order rules and expectations based on these at later times which often become what we refer to as our moral basis and the more we learn and develop ourselves based on the underlying foundations the harder it may become to recognise if their is a problem with those underlying belief systems, (On the Ground Floor of our Psyche).

Having someone sitting in front of you and asking direct questions like have you done this? (Example) promotes closed answers such as Yes/No and is not exploratory and does not encourage people to find the truth within. These are called LEADING questions, and are most often used in situations were intimidation or imposing a belief system of one person onto another individual. Politics is a classic example of this, when political Agenda's try to impose their reality upon us by offering us a choice such as, You are either with us or you are against us these are ultimatums and are based more so on directive's they insist we adhere to rather than allowing us to have an open choice in the matter.

So far what I have written has been from me, it is what I have learned so far in that it has actually released many blockages therefore in my truth I consider this to be a good thing as it closely resonates with my base truth. Now I would like to submit some reference material from the Great Man Himself (Carl Roger's) who has inspired me, helped me so very much in my clear understanding of who I am!



Rogers tells us that organisms know what is good for them. Evolution has provided us with the senses, the tastes, the discriminations we need: When we hunger, we find food -- not just any food, but food that tastes good. Food that tastes bad is likely to be spoiled, rotten, unhealthy. That what good and bad tastes are -- our evolutionary lessons made clear! This is called organismic valuing.

Among the many things that we instinctively value is positive regard, Rogers umbrella term for things like love, affection, attention, nurturance, and so on. It is clear that babies need love and attention. In fact, it may well be that they die without it. They certainly fail to thrive -- i.e. become all they can be.

Another thing -- perhaps peculiarly human -- that we value is positive self-regard, that is, self-esteem, self-worth, a positive self-image. We achieve this positive self-regard by experiencing the positive regard others show us over our years of growing up. Without this self-regard, we feel small and helpless, and again we fail to become all that we can be!

Like Maslow, Rogers believes that, if left to their own devices, animals will tend to eat and drink things that are good for them, and consume them in balanced proportions. Babies, too, seem to want and like what they need. Somewhere along the line, however, we have created an environment for ourselves that is significantly different from the one in which we evolved. In this new environment are such things as refined sugar, flour, butter, chocolate, and so on, that our ancestors in Africa never knew. These things have flavors that appeal to our organismic valuing -- yet do not serve our actualization well. Over millions of years, we may evolve to find brocolli more satisfying than cheesecake -- but by then, it’ll be way too late for you and me.

Our society also leads us astray with conditions of worth. As we grow up, our parents, teachers, peers, the media, and others, only give us what we need when we show we are “worthy,” rather than just because we need it. We get a drink when we finish our class, we get something sweet when we finish our vegetables, and most importantly, we get love and affection if and only if we “behave!”

Getting positive regard on “on condition” Rogers calls conditional positive regard. Because we do indeed need positive regard, these conditions are very powerful, and we bend ourselves into a shape determined, not by our organismic valuing or our actualizing tendency, but by a society that may or may not truly have our best interests at heart. A “good little boy or girl” may not be a healthy or happy boy or girl!

Over time, this “conditioning” leads us to have conditional positive self-regard as well. We begin to like ourselves only if we meet up with the standards others have applied to us, rather than if we are truly actualizing our potentials. And since these standards were created without keeping each individual in mind, more often than not we find ourselves unable to meet them, and therefore unable to maintain any sense of self-esteem.

If you enjoyed reading this article extract? Then I would highly recommend reading the full article here!

(Note I am still working on the section below please excuse any errors)

Later I will add some comparitive note's here on what my observation's are on what is going on in the wider lightworker community, these views will be only an oppinion and not to be regarded as any judgment but simply what I feel, an analyis based on the principles layed out above.

I do not feel like going into this at this present moment in time as we all need to reflect and check our focus points at this stage so we can compare notes later on how best to proceed with UNITY of all lightworkers. We should regard ourselves as the seeds of truth, that at sometime will go out into the world bringing Unity to all, if not then why are we here? Sometimes we need to focus not on the question of why am I here? But more so on How can we set an example to others? An example implies living your truth not just going out into the world preaching it.


I would encourage all souls to discover their own truth, which is not necessarily mine/yours/ours! We are all special

Nameste Love and Light All


PS, I would encourage people to read another article at this point which demonstrates how some emotional blockages can be, created in people - see here

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Comment by chelley on March 25, 2009 at 1:12am
I have made an Audio version of this Blog, it is on my mp3 playlist
Comment by healingnow4u on March 24, 2009 at 11:33pm
It was fun reading to those that are suffering from Eye issues...may keep that in mind ...thanks again Chelley
Truth Sets US Free!!
Comment by Enzares on March 6, 2009 at 8:52pm
yah good post check out mine in meditation section
Comment by simpleman on February 27, 2009 at 7:56pm
Awesome, chelley. You have a grate understanding. :)
Comment by Matt Wilkinson on February 25, 2009 at 1:56am
good stuff thx

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