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"There are several ways when a soul leaves this life that he or she says a Good-Bye to his or her love ones, a husband, a wife, children, other relatives or just good friends. This energy force can happen whether you are somewhere else or in the same room with them, you may even be miles away. Below are just a few ways a Soul says Good-Bye.

You can be awoken in the middle of the night, only to see lights of some sort overhead flashing on and off, then all of a sudden the room is lite in a warm gold tone. Suddenly the thought enters your mind that there are no overhead lights. Instantly you sit up in bed, looking around the room, knowing what you just experienced. Then you can feel a loving, warm flow of air in the room, and you know who it is, you find yourself receiving a telepathic message from a relative telling you that they are leaving earth, that this is good-bye. You sit there for a few minutes recollecting what just took place.

Where friendships are deep and bonding, there can come a time when you are sound asleep and way far off in the distance you can hear someone faintly calling your name. You know that you are asleep, but as this someone calls your name, the sound gets louder, and louder. You can feel yourself trying to wake up to see who is calling your name. Just as you are coming out of your deep, deep sleep, they tell you to go to a certain love one of theirs, such as their wife, husband, or a child because they are leaving this earth and that person needs you with them. You understand what they are saying by a mental "telepathic" message. You spring to a sitting position in bed, the first thing you look for is the clock and make a mental note of the time. You know sooner or later you will be getting a phone call from the spouse to tell you of their passing. You answer the phone ready for the dreaded call, but you have your travel plans in place and are ready to go to them, because the Soul of their loved one came to tell you, "Good-Bye".

Most of you have grown up having a favorite relative that you were very close to, may be they were your hero, or a mentor to you, but you had a common bond in some way with them. When a person has been fighting an illness for a long time, they have a tendency to astral travel to love ones. The Souls are known to astral travel to loved ones several times before they leave this earth. During their travels they can also tell you the date of their departure, this may be months, weeks, or days before hand. You will receive the message by mental telepathy. In receiving this message, it does make you sad, you may even grieve some, but you have been chosen to know this, so when the time does come, then you can be strong for others during their time of sadness.

Sometimes when a person is sick for a few or many years and they know that there is little hope of surviving the illness, they will think about spirituality a lot. They will most of the time decide to die at home because this will give them the privacy with their love ones. They can also decide that their Soul will communicate to their love ones, before and after their journey. Besides all of their medical needs, their Soul needs attention too. The last week of life can be beautiful for the spirit and the love ones present.

You have to look for the signs. Birds can also take part in this Soul ritual, it may be five birds or a dozen of birds. The birds have been known to tap four or five times straight on the windows and doors of the house, then, they come back and do it again. This can go on up to four to six hours. This will usually happen about three days before the Soul plans to depart. It is said that when the birds come to tap on the windows and door, that they know the person is a "good person" and they have come to help him depart on wings.

There can also be other activity like doors opening and closing, an indentation of someone sitting on the bed has been known to happen, it could be a favorite relative whom has passed away. The room can have a golden hue all over it, it will have a warm loving feeling moving about the room. This sensation can last a while. As their time gets closer, you may be able to see their etheric raising up to a foot and a half over their body. It will look like smoke from a cigarette rising up from the total body, from head to foot. This may happen four or five times.

At the time of departure, the Soul may exit from the mouth. Some love ones will be able to see it, some won't. It will be the colors of the aura, very beautiful, all together and they can be seen streaming straight up into the ceiling and disappearing. It is in deed, a very spiritual event, almost breath taking, an phenomena that is unforgettable and will stay with you always. They say when one sees the aura departing that there is a responsibility that goes with it to the seer. Within a short time you will know what the responsibility is, it will come to you. This is also known to happen on battlefields.

Some Souls can awake you instantly, making you jump out of bed and land with your feet on the floor. You will stand there, like wow, what was that. Then all of a sudden you will feel a sensation of energy twilling around you. It can spin around you from your right side to the back of you and all the way around you several times. The energy will be loving, warm and caring. It will send you a mental telepathic message as it is moving around you. It can tell you that he is leaving, then shortly, he can tell you that you will be a lone, then, that he has to go. Ever so gently, you can feel the energy slowly leave you. You can have the feeling of real love and of being abandoned at the same time.

Dreams can also be a means of communication for the Soul. He or she can even give you a message to give a love one of theirs, or a message for you. This does happen.

The Soul can be in another room at home as it is about to depart. It can be a warm flowing rush of air against your cheek, or it can embrace you totally. You will know it instantly. The Soul will communicate by mental telepathy, a farewell to you.

If you have had any experiences similar to the ones above, then you have been given a loving spiritual gift from a departing loved one, their Soul is telling you Good-Bye."

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