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I've been a member of this community since the beginning, and it's changed my way of thinking in big way. I truly believe were are not alone in the universe, as do I believe humanity is in contact with ET's already. Although it is being kept secret from us now, the shroud will soon be lifted.

However, people look at you like a freak, or a fish out of water if you start talking about what ( I believe) is really happening on this planet. As most of you may recall, I've been experiencing multiple UFO sightings since Oct/09/2009. The most recent being December 30th, when the craft was there for 5 hours. Ascending and descending in and out of the clouds. At one point I witnessed 10 different lights!!!

The MSM has not been following this, but at least a dozen others have been making allot of noise about what we've been seeing. Mufon and Bigelo airspace are now involved, and are starting to take this seriously. But what about the others?

Will the Men In Black come and take me away for discussing this? Is this even real? A couple things are for sure. These are not reflections from the lights on the Falls. This is not a publicity stunt to attract attention. This is unlike I have ever seen in my 30 years before!!!!!!

When you try and discuss it with people logically, they look at you like your ( pardon the wording ) half retarded!! I try and stress the fact that believing it is real ( because I've sen it 9 times now) is just like believing in God, your God, any God! You don't know that these beings exist, but you still believe in them, because that's what your taught from birth.

All that really matters is what you believe! The light inside you shines bright for things that you hold a true passion for, so don't deny that light. Even if it makes you feel (ego) like you shouldn't. The truth is out there, and soon the veil of secrets will be lifted, so all of us light workers can help everyone!!

Thanks for listening .........Mike

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Comment by Mosher79 on January 6, 2010 at 1:57pm
Very true Stormnation!! There is a "knowing" in the air and slowly everyone is starting to breath it in. It is the "money" issue that keeps so many scared and asleep, scared to talk about what's going on right ifront of their faces. It is going to be a great year for awakenings!
Comment by Stormnation on January 6, 2010 at 12:46am
hey ya its too true that ppl think your wierd but when you really talk to some they get it and if you ask around they want to talk but are afraid of the ridicule associated with such a subject or are just to busy trying to make money to survive and only when ya stop and think about everythings that happening then they start to acknoledge there is something.
and we will all start to awaken soon as many more have been awakened everyday especially 2010 i ask around and there is this knowing in the air but still just trying to make ends meet

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