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What Is the Light Body and why Is It so important. (Teachings by Djwhal Khul)

I do want to talk extensively about this so you have a very good understanding of it. Some of you have studied Tibetan Bardo, or the philosophies that have been given about reincarnation, and how the Holy Spirit is eternal, and so on. Simply put, it is the part of your consciousness that goes with you from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. It has intellect, of course. All things in Creation are intellectual --- I could say numeric, I could say vibrational, or that they have intelligence. Even the tiniest subatomic particle has knowledge, intellect or intelligence in it.

Everything in Creation is programmed with the Divine Blueprint and so is your Light Body, which is a conglomeration of energies. Now, if a person is not particularly well developed, if the Light Body has not been built in a particular lifetime, when they leave the body, when the spirit ejects and drops the body, called death or the transition, what happens is, if you had the body on a scale and you were weighing it, about 6/10th of an ounce would leave. It's a very small shift, but when the last breath leaves the body and the Holy Spirit or the Light Body leaves, it takes up with it the memory or whatever energy it has stored from that lifetime. So it's a very small amount on and unenlightened person.
On an enlightened person it can be even four or five pounds of weight. So if you can imagine a sack of potatoes or a sack of rice that weighs about five pounds, your Light Body can be built up to weigh that much. Consequently, those of you who look like you weigh a certain amount but you really weigh a bit more, that could be your Light Body. It's not necessarily that you need to lose five pounds; it's that you have a five-pound Light Body stored. So, good news for all of those who are watching the scales.

Physically, in the body it's more important how you feel, how many toxins are in the body, and more that your measurements are proportionately --- your body fat, not how many pounds on a scale. A Light Body in a very, very enlightened person can even weigh more. They can almost etherealize the physical structure and more of what you think of as the physical structure would be Light Body. You can really add density to the Light Body if you want to. Say a person weighing 120 or 130 pounds can make their Light Body, almost instantly at will, using a tai chi or chi gong pose, a martial arts pose, can double to triple their body weight in just a fraction of a second or within a few seconds --- temporarily.
So you can at will, sort of compact the Light Body.

The value of the Light Body being perfected, or at least being very well developed, is what we call "breaking the wheel of reincarnation." When you reach a point of enlightenment, hopefully you will choose to stay in the vehicle you are in right now, because we need more living Masters walking the planet. That holds a certain energy; it holds a grid system; it holds a flow of that intelligence. And the intelligence of a developed Light Body actually networks with other Light Bodies.

It's literally a "connect the dots" so that anywhere there's a dot between your Light Body and someone else's Light Body there's a line going between the two of you and even as you're driving to a destination or flying in an airplane or what have you, these dots are always moving around and always interconnecting. So you become a sort of hub of intelligence that begins to spread the Light Body activation that helps enlighten other human beings. Literally, I hope you got an image as I was describing that, literally a dot-to-dot system and the dots are moving around a bit.

The more movement you can get the better. If you need to stay put in one location, if you don't leave the house much, or you're meditating in a cave somewhere with a telephone to your ear (a little Tibetan humor there) you can be a relatively stationary hub. However, if that is the case, then create movement. If you can, walk around the house, or move your legs, move your arms, move back and forth, in other words, not a stationary traditional meditation pose, but a moving meditation. Its movement makes more light; it generates energy. So even if you can feel a range of motions and connect, rather than dot-to-dot, connect with other developed Light Bodies with the symbol of infinity, so you feel a reciprocal flow. And now that I'm talking about that you should start to feel a very strong (blip) body, a very strong increase in the body, indeed. You are interconnected, developing, Light Bodies.

Why is it so important right now? Humanity is on the brink, once again, of deciding to go into a dark cycle or to go into a light cycle. It's literally that dualistic at the moment. And the duality of it, or the polarity of it, is actually increasing rather equally, so if I saw one side increasing by about 30%, then the other side increases by about the same. They're running neck and neck, which is very intriguing to the Spiritual Hierarchy. Now, we're watching all of this ready, willing and able to serve humanity with either choice. It doesn't really matter, from a spiritual perspective, what choice happens. We'll continue to do our work as we always have in service with Sanat Kumara, the planetary Logos, and in service with the Planetary Christ.

The Spiritual Hierarchy makes the third aspect of that upper triad. So, for example, you could have a lot of physical destruction, a lot of war damage from bombs, or earthquakes and such, or things could just start getting better. It's looking like a great divide there. We want to bridge as many enlightened or semi-enlightened Light Bodies as possible, almost like you would sew up a tear in a garment. So imagine, if you can, that your Light Body is becoming more dense and more developed and that you're able to connect in a reciprocal flow, preferably in a symbol of infinity (it could be circular), a send/receive, send/receive, but you want to be actively in contact, transmitting and receiving with Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and with the Angelic Kingdom and with other World Servers who are serving only the Divine Light. That's what we're connecting here.

Now, the Light Body, once you reach a particular point of density in the Light Body, you can actually leave your vehicle, leave your physical body, I mean, in a state of slumber --- in other words, it's alive. It can even be in a state of awake, alert, but stationary, and you can put it anywhere you want to. In the Light Body protocol we're time traveling, those who signed up for that program to develop the Light Body, we're time traveling to Ganden, Tibet. It's actually a monastery not too far outside of Lhassa. It's out in the countryside, very high up in the mountains and it is a very holy place. In the way it translates it's like going to Heaven.

The Light Body, when it goes there, is in a Heavenly state of consciousness and we're projecting it ahead 3,000 years and then some, so we're going way into the future. I want you to keep practicing with your Light Body when you're falling asleep and see if you can begin a vortex motion in the Light Body and send it at will wherever you want to go. You can go to the past; you can go to the future; you can stay in this day and time and go to a different location. Some of you are already practicing this --- and thank you for your experimentation. I'll give you some clues about getting back in the body when you return, getting all the way back in and not getting stuck where you went. We'll cover that in just a moment.

Why is it so important? I want to get back to that concept. If you reach a certain point of enlightenment, which is judged by the development in the Light Body, and you eventually decide you just don't want to occupy this vehicle anymore --- that could be by virtue of an accident, an illness, a disease, or just ejecting while your body's sleeping or fully awake. If you want to practice that you can just eject and drop the body and there are three cords. If you pull up all three, the body will not survive; it cannot be revived, in fact. If you pull up one or two you could be resuscitated, you could get back in it and start the breath back up. Sometimes the heart's still beating anyway because it's running on Divine Blueprint light rather than where you think the body needs to run on. In other words, it goes on its own survival instinct, so to speak. Now we are working with disconnecting some of that survival instinct to the degree that we can transfer that energy into the Light Body.

In other words, that you wouldn't be afraid of death and when you no longer fear death you can actually leave the body and come back to it, leave again and come back to it --- travel in your Light Body to your heart's content to the extent that you are fulfilling some sort of mission or purpose that you're exercising. For example, you could leave your physical body at night, go maybe to an orphanage in China, teach a group of children, leaving at least one cord, if not all three, connected to your physical body so that it is resting, rejuvenating, while it's asleep, which is what the body's supposed to do. It's supposed to repair itself while you're sleeping.

Again, why is it so important? Your ability to time travel through various portals and into different dimensions of consciousness and your ability to feed back to Source the development of humanity is, again, all in the calibration of the Light Body. I'll try to explain this a little bit better. The design in Creation is to have Great Central Sun and to have heavenly bodies orbiting around that. So your sun, your life-giving force, and your moon is a reflection of the sun, which also gives a healing force by moonlight, both of which are very important, particularly the sunlight and particularly early light and late light, so the first part of the day and the end of the day.

There are literally different rays of consciousness that come through. The sunlight is filtered through a yellow at those times of the day. There are little yellow packets --they almost look like pillows, little fluffy pillows, of light that come to you and get absorbed by you during those times. Those little pillows or packets of light information are encoded with intelligence and information directly from the Source of all Creation, directly from the Source of Light. Every day, twice a day, you get everything you need if you're absorbing it, if you're letting it in. You don't necessarily have to get up and salute the sunrise and always catch the sunset, that sort of thing. It gets delivered through the ether; it's in the atmosphere all around you.

So even if you're working in a basement or you're still sleeping or somewhere where you can't actually observe the sunlight or let it soak in through the skin, or the eyes, or the hair, if you can't absorb it directly that way, then I would say just take a moment, three to five minutes, sometime during sunrise and sunset and again, if you're sleeping during that time of day, set your intent that you will receive it at the right time and just absorb it.

I'm going to go ahead and do a little, not really sunset everywhere, I'm going to do a little bit of that sunset energy so you can feel the intelligence. This actually grows your Light Body. It makes it get bigger and bigger and bigger. It delivers information to it and then literally sends it back to the Creator. So this is filling out your report and sending it to the Boss, if you will and the Boss sends you back a report. This is the flow everyday, twice a day. In the higher realms what happens is kind of like the bigger Light Bodies are the ones that give the most information, if you will.

So Creation moves at the pace of the more advanced Light Bodys. It's kind of like the manager, in a corporate situation, or the owner setting the tone for the rest of the company. The workers that make all that happen then move at the pace that they're directed according to the higher energies. So if I put it in a pyramid shape, those with the higher activated Light Bodies, the more developed Light Bodies, are the capstone that holds the energy. They can also be considered foundational in a pyramid structure. Humanity is asking to very rapidly develop, the greater percentage unconsciously asking for inner peace, world peace, excellent group relationships, excellent communication on the planetary level, harmonious living with nature, to be good stewards for the environment. This is what humanity is invoking on the unconscious level. However, sometimes on the conscious level they are still very much stuck in the programming of what needs to happen, or what can't happen because, and so on.

We're going to work with how to move about, help other members of humanity not get stuck in their dramas and then get back in their bodies in the day time. (If you're listening to this while you are driving, it would be a good idea to wait and pick up this part of the class later.) What we're going to do is just experimentally send your Light Body, let's say, to Iraq. Send it over there, in this time period, to Iraq, to a situation where a violent act is being considered.

Breathe and deliver little pillows, little packets of that divine message that's coming through for peace. Just let your Light Bodies duplicate them now, copy and send, copy and send, copy and send little packets, so you're spreading the ability to have an enlightened Light Body. Now, if you want to, you can invoke Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak Nol, Nek Hak Nol. And you bring that energy, the Holy Trinity and that higher energy that makes the mind be able to use the other 90% of the brain. It activates the higher faculties of learning.

More universal intelligence is available, rather than personal intelligence, every time you say Nek Hak Nol, so let that energy come into the situation, make sure that you are in a reciprocal flow: the symbol of infinity, your Divine Self to their Divine Self. Good. Then we are going to ask that more of these packets coming with sunrise and sunset be delivered to these people and to this area. We're just going to invoke that more of them come to this region now to help resolve conflict and the desire to commit violence.

We're doing this without taking it personally, hopefully. If you are finding yourself sobbing, feeling sad or afraid or angry in any way, empty your emotional body. Just send it straight down to the Earth to be transmuted and we want to just hollow out the emotional body and then dump everything straight down. It'll get recycled as neutral energy. It's not going to harm anything or interfere with the work. In fact, others around you might start downloading their emotional storage as well, to make room for light to rush in. On the next breath you can feel the Divine Light, 100% Divine Light, pure energy of Creation, coming through you in its positive aspect --- and none other.

Now, imagine that we did this in our sleep as well as what we're doing now. You want to bring your gathered Light Body, which is now actually bigger because you did some generating work with it, bring it back and click it into your physical structure. Literally, sometimes it will make a snapping sound. You can feel it, like a quarter turn, clicking into place, locking into place. Sometimes the cranial plates will snap a little bit or you'll yawn or something like that. And then, very simple, wiggle the toes, or you can flex them, push them forward or pull them back so you're using the whole foot.

Do that about three or four times and keep breathing. Don't hold your breath while doing anything physical; it blocks the energy rather than create a flow. You can also rub your hands together, make a swish sound and rub the palms together in a circle until they heat up and then clap three times. (Clap, clap, clap) It is to stimulate all the reflexology points in the hands, fingertips and all. And if your hands don't feel like they're connected to your body just yet, you might want to do a little bit more clapping or swirling or tap your fingertips together, or fingertips together on one palm and then switch hands, just to wake up all your meridians, your organs, the glands, and it reactivates the body.

So we never take it personally while traveling in the Light Body, we take it from the masterful, observing the energy, creating a reciprocal flow of the Divine level only. And if your emotions start to well up, discharge them immediately. You can use something like the Sedona Method or you can just ask that you be hollowed out and literally flush it down through the body very quickly like a turbo-flush. And the Universe abhors a void, it will always fill the void with Light, so you want to immediately feel the Light rushing in, or more light packets, or a better development of the Light Body. You can specify that with your intent, which is a good idea.
So, the Light Body. Just a little bit more about dimensions. I want to talk about portals and dimensions just briefly. I don't often go into this subject because there's so much misinformation about which dimension is desirable and which undesirable, going up dimensions is better and some say going down in number is better, and so on. A lot of misinformation. What I can say is: when the Light Body is activated you can literally ride through from one dimension to another and where you want to go is where the Ascended Masters dwell, Ascended Masters of the Light, like Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy --- "I want to go to that dimension," or "I want to go to a dimension where those who have completed physical incarnation go."

I would be careful about wording that and that's probably the safest dimension. You can also go to a dimension with the Archangels, for example. You can't just say Angelic Kingdom because there are devas and different levels. You want to specify a much higher level than where you're currently dwelling and you want to be in the right company when you get there. So you don't want to just ride a dimension to, say, higher knowledge. That could be higher knowledge of a negative ET influence, for example. So be very careful, and the most careful would be Ascended Masters of the Light or the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Archangels.

And practice generating light in your Light Body and you're going to the Light Body protocol and you're using the Transcendence and you're using the Light Body cards and you're getting that energy coming at sunrise and sunset and you're doing chanting --- also, by the way, chanting Om mane Padme hum is probably the most basic chant, or just Om, or Om shanti, shanti Om, peace chanting, any kind of chanting that you're really comfortable with, that makes you feel good all over, will also develop your Light Body.

So inter-dimensional travel, time travel, remote viewing, much more lucid dreaming, much more being aware that you can bi-locate, will certainly develop the brain, it changes the body chemistry. It up-grades the body chemistry so that you are not riding on the same vibration as the masses of humanity. Your body chemistry literally alters itself in a more quantum way so that you're vibrating at a level of mastery.

That, in a very fast nutshell is what the Light Body is and why it's so important. I do believe that we have time for one question or comment.

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