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What Am I Going To Drink” ? That’s Water & Tea (Also Made Of Water). Most Drink NOW?






An Instant Poison To The Body And Fully Water-Soluble.
Sodium Fluoride is an Industrial Waste Product Of The Nuclear And Aluminium Industry.
It's from the Smoke Stacks of Aluminium Smelters.
They Scrape Out the Chimney Soot, That Is The Sodium Fluoride. 

What am I going to drink”. Usually that’s water and tea (also made of water).
Now I am used to get my water from the tap, I could not drink the tap-water because
of the nauseous amounts of chlorine, the fumes wafting towards me as soon as I opened a tap. 
What exactly is put  into the water of North America ?
that water in America is not only heavily chlorinated, but is still fluorated!!!!
Fluoride is a neuro toxin!!!  
Nations with fluoridated water supplies
You see, Chlorine and especially Fluoride are dangerous poisons
and I don’t want to put this into my body. 
The Nazis laced the drinking water in the ghettos and concentration camps to control the populations.
Because Fluoride does have some significant effects on the human mind besides poisoning the body.
It makes you docile, and subservient, and stupid.

Fluoride is a nerve poison. In the most infinitesimal small amounts!!!
The use of Fluoride started with the Manhattan project, ”The Bomb”. 
Fluoride was essential to enrich uranium.
As they used it and spilled it, plants, animals and people started dying and victims started lawsuits.
Hence the spin-doctoring, the lobbying, and the indoctrination of the public
with the wholly invented erroneous notion that ”Fluoride prevents tooth decay ” .
Like I said: we in Europe do not fluoride our water and do not have more cavities in our teeth.
If you want to prevent tooth decay, you should look at dental hygiene, nutrition, and lots of vitamin C.
Refuse to drink American Municipal poisoned water, fluorated toothpaste, or mouthwashes.
Or drink soda drinks which are also made using fluorised water.
It is true that our bodies contain very minute traces of fluoride,
but the Sodium Fluoride used to poison North Americans is is industrial waste,
it is a deadly poison which is entirely different from the organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate
needed by our bodies to built and strengthen our bones and teeth.
Organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt,
insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body.
Non-organic sodium fluoride, used in fluoridation of water,
is instant poison to the body and fully water-soluble.
Sodium Fluoride is an industrial waste product of the nuclear and aluminium industry.
Putting into the drinking water is also mass-medication.
It ridiculous; some people drink more water, and some drink less.
People with diabetes drink a lot of water so get a lot more fluoride poison into their systems.
And what if you want to opt out?
You have to spend a lot of money buying bottled water.
And even if you choose to buy bottled water you have to check,

because more and more brands are now adding fluoride poison to bottled water as well!
And to cut a very long post short, a few bullet points about Fluoride.
What Fluoride does (just a small selection of facts):
It makes your teeth brittle
It has significant effects on your thyroid
It reduces your IQ by ten or fifteen points
It weakens your bones
it leads to arthritis
It causes bone cancer
Populations who are exposed to fluorised water show a significant growth in deaths from cancer
It doubles your chance of getting heart disease
It makes women infertile
it causes pulmonary fibrosis
It causes mental deficits in children, attention deficit, ADHD, and others
It makes the menses of girls start significantly earlier
It makes you age much faster
It is the most effective rat- and insect poison; once they ingest it nothing can safe them
It causes sexual dysfunction in men
It has been used by the Nazis, Russians, and Chinese to reduce fertility, intelligence,
and create docility in large groups of people
And it is used by America to get rid of poisonous industrial waste
Do you really want to stay silent and swallow this?
Dr Phyllis Mullenix is a brilliant scientists asked to do research on the effect of fluoride on rats.
She was unwilling to waste her time on this because ”fluoride is so safe”.
What she found out is that is isn’t safe, the rats became stupid, docile, and basically ”couch-potatoes”.
She was ordered not to publish her findings. She did and she lost her job,
and even though a brilliant scientist got blacklisted and never got another research grant.
All for telling the truth: America is poisoning it’s children and reducing their IQ.

 I found this very disturbing, because you see cows really suffering from

fluoride poisoning, so maybe you don’t want to watch this

 As a lot of my friends have young children I can ony advise to educate yourselves
and make up your own mind!!!
Read the following material, and watch this series on YouTube:

 Recommended reading:
by Christopher Bryson



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