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Wells Fargo, B of A and Nations Banks are the key NESARA Banks where the gold certificates will be held.

Posted On April - 22 - 2009
[Mark is responding to a person who has sent in a chart of judges on the International Court of Justice at The Hague, asking when Lady Master Nada’s name will appear.]

Just as with all secret organizations and organizational charts, the real story is what isn’t shown.

The top departments and agencies are not shown on these charts. Some elements are buried in secret segments that are unknown to those not needing to know (e.g., ACIO [ Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization] /Labyrinth group, working from 38 levels above the President).

In the case of the ICJ, the galactic and secret levels are not mainstream copy. In March 1999 180 world leaders met in the Hague and 160 of them voted–some reluctantly–to sign on to NESARA’s support. Twenty refused. They came a cropper at the latest G20 meetings. Mother had told them that that was their last choice to sign on or be gone.

Once their positions became known most of the Committee of 300 were removed and replaced with solid holograms. All of this happened during the last 3-4 weeks.

A few 40′ tall Old Dragons still remain in subterranean caverns and are still exerting influence on world affairs. They will be flooded with love and light and will have to surface as the pain will be, for them, intolerable. They will then be removed.

At that same March 1999 World Court meeting, KOS, Lady Master Nada and St Germain were given power and authority to get NESARA Announced.

LMNada is also President of the Solar Tribunal and at midnight on 9/30/2008 when Bush failed to make the payments on debt required, LMNada exercised an Executive Judgement foreclosing on the USA corporation.

KOS then made us Basel II compliant and we have been under ICJ/World Court jurisdiction ever since–INSIDE NESARA Law.

So she is International Special Prosecutor with authority terrestrial and celestial to dissolve any court or arrest any being opposing NESARA or committing War Crimes. She is the Supreme Legal entity on this planet.

These 3 invividuals all have galactic roles as well as their Triad partnership to bring us into realization as the 33rd galactic world through the provisions of NESARA and all the $40 Zeroes of funds brought here from Venus and elsewhere to back and finance all the changes required to raise the planet to an ascended status.

This is the actual truth NOW. LMNada is in charge of our country, not Obama.

They are working closely together, with KOS and St Germain, to bring the changes about in accordance with Universal Law of the One. That’s why it is happening in the manner it is.

The Cabal are Intergalactic Criminals and galactic renegades who came here and seized control with intent to spread their domination throughout this Universe of Nebadon. The intervention was designed to time-travel back to this point and insert individuals and processes at the exact point in time and space to correct the timelines out to 175 million years in the future.

This is the only place and time this can be successful. All the non-viable timelines are being erased…as if they never existed. All viable timelines are being merged into this one at ZeroPoint…which occurs at a specific point of immersion within the Photon Belt which is a 2000 light-years-wide band centered on Alcyone adjacent to the Pleiades.

We will go through the Eye of AN–middle star in Orion’s belt–as a collective wholeness. That will return us to positive anti-matter frequency/vibration and abilities.

We will then move to our new position on the 3rd Ring adjacent to Alcyone. We have 2 suns now–on the higher level–as Jupiter became a higher dimensional sun in 1976. We will join seven other suns as we assume our new location on the 3rd Ring out from galactic center. That will be a total of 9 suns providing full time light and 70-degree, year-round temperatures, 24/7.

As soon as arrests are announced we will have our announcement and galactic decloakings. It is in its final phase and everyone and everything is awaiting the word to move forward.

We have been told that 2 weeks of interior banking shutdowns will complete the complete cleansing and transformation into US Treasury Banks or affiliates. Wells Fargo, B of A and Nations Banks are the key NESARA Banks where the gold certificates will be held.

Ashtar recommends that everyone find a solid community bank in their locality–not involved in the sub-prime or hedge-fund debacles–for local banking safety until after these changes occur.

The May 9-11th window of Mayan mid-point overlapping with the Wesak festival will bring a Tsunami Wave of change…according to the Nameless Ones and Mayan Elders.

We are being given an intense scrubbing to knock off and bring up more that has to be transmuted/transformed in preparation for that next surge upward and forward.

A minimum of 75,000 indictments existed 3-4 weeks ago. We have heard that that total may have swollen to as much as 100,000…which include almost 100% of the Bush Administration and associates as well as International criminals connected with 9/11 planning, execution and coverup.

That jurisdiction is in The Hague where war crimes trials will occur very soon, according LM Nada. Patrick Fitzgerald has been chosen and designated by her to be her Asst Special Prosecutor.

He has had 56 Grand juries meeting in secret for almost 4 years to review the mountains of evidence and deliver these sealed indictments.

The whistle blowers are all briefed by KOS and are ready to come forth when the signal is given and tell the true stories as insiders with documents and direct experiences of all that transpired.

Yesterday, the UFO/ExoPolitics gathering at the National Press Club ended. Leon Paneta and Dr Stephen Bassett were overseeing that conference…as Obama’s appointed representatives.

Much is happening beneath the surface…everywhere on this planet.

Ashtar-on-the-Road CC tonight will reveal more. We’ll be listening. []

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